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Start to install Golang plug-in, plug-in website address:


Hint: Idea's plug-in warehouse itself also has go, but the version relative update is slow, bloggers write the article when the go version has been updated to 1.6, and idea itself plugin warehouse Go plugin is 15-12.01 updated, does not support the latest version of Go

Many tutorials on the web are downloading the plugin source code on GitHub, compiling the plug-in and installing it, it's tedious, and here's a very simple way to do it.

The address of the two JetBrains plugin repositories is given on GitHub:

One is a weekly compilation of the updated warehouse, one is a nightly compilation of the updated warehouse, here for the weekly example


Open Idea,file-settings-plugins-browse respositories...-manage respositories ...

Click on the + number, paste the address in, click OK, it is best to restart the idea, and then File-settings-plugins-browse respositories ...

Enter go, install go that plug-in, it is best not to download other things when installing, or it may be wrong.

restart,enjoy! after the installation.

Try File-new-project-go-next, then configure the Go SDK location and choose your Go installation directory.

It's all done. Then new a go file to play it ~ ~ ~ (Chingbo main test, new first go file can not debug, and then new one on it, it may be the software of the small bug it)

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