Image hotspot and image hotspot Link

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Image hotspot and image hotspot Link

Image hotspot:

You can create a hyperlink and click the image area to complete the jump.



Webpage partitioning:

In a webpage, plan a region to display the content of another webpage.





Webpage splicing:

On a network page, multiple page windows are planned and displayed in the form of table mosaic.



<Form id = "" name = "" method = "post/get" action = "Server responsible for processing">

The id cannot be repeated, the name can be repeated, the get submission has a length limit, and the encoded content is visible in the address bar,

There is no length limit for post submission and the encoded content is invisible.


1.Text input

Text Box <input type = "text" name = "" id = "" value = ""/>

Password box <input type = "password" name = "" id = "" value = ""/>

Text Field <textarea name = "" id = "" cols = "" (number of characters) rows = "" (several rows high)> </textarea>

Hide field <input type = "hidden" name = "" id = "" value = ""/>


Click <input type = "submit" name = "" id = "disabled =" disabled "value =" "/> to go to the address of the submit server in form.

Reset button <input type = "reset" name = "" id = "disabled =" disabled "value =" "/>

Normal button <input type = "button" name = "" id = "" disabled = "disabled" value = ""/>

Image button <input type = "image" name = "" id = "disabled =" disabled "src =" image address "/>

Disabled invalidates the button

Enable to make buttons available

3.Select Input

Radio button group <input type = "radio" name = "" checked = "checked" value = ""/>

The value of name is used for grouping. The value is invisible and submitted to the program. The default option is set for checked.

Check box group <input type = "checkbox" name = "" checked = "checked" value = ""/>

File Upload <input type = "file" name = "" id = "/>

<Lable for = ""> </lable>

The lable label defines the annotation for the input element.

The lable element does not present any special effects to the user, but it improves the availability for the mouse user. If you click Text in the lable element, this control is triggered.

That is to say, when you select this tag, the browser will focus on the form control related to the tag.

The for Attribute of the lable label should be the same as the id attribute of the relevant element.

4.Drop-down list box

<Select name = "" id = "" size = "" multiple = "multiple">

-- When the size is 1, it is a menu;> 1, it is a list. Multiple is a multi-choice.

<Option value = "value"> content 1 </option>

<Option value = "value" selected = "selected"> content 2 </option>

-- Selected, set as default

<Option value = "value"> content 3 </option>



<Label> </label>

Field set (a bunch of labels)

<Fieldset> </fieldset>

Quick webpage creation:

Use the slicing tool in Photoshop to plan the location of the link to be set and save it as the html format available for the web.

Open with DREAMWEAVER, open the design page, select the position of the slice, and enter the URL of the hyperlink in the property.


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