Implementation of Android plug-in based on PhoneGap2.9 framework

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The PhoneGap platform provides plug-in functionality that enables developers to encapsulate heavyweight functionality in native code-developed plug-ins and expose interfaces to Javascript,javascript invoke plug-in functionality to interact with native code. Developing a simple Android plugin is mainly divided into the following steps:

(1) Write Java class, inherit the Cordovaplugin class, as follows:

Import org.apache.cordova.api.CallbackContext;
Import Org.apache.cordova.api.CordovaPlugin;
Import Org.json.JSONArray;
Import org.json.JSONException;

Public class Login extends Cordovaplugin {

 public Boolean execute (String action, Jsonarray args,
   callbackcontext Callbackcontext) throws Jsonexception {
  if (action.equals ("login") {
   string message = args.getstring (0);
   this.login (message, callbackcontext);
   return true;
  return false;

 private void Login (String message, Callbackcontext callbackcontext) {
  if (message! = NULL && Amp Message.length () > 0) {
   callbackcontext.success ("loginsuccess");
  } else {
   callbackcontext.error ("expected one non-empty string argument.");


(2) Register the plugin in CONFIG. reg, as follows:

<feature name= "Login" >
<param name= "Android-package" value= ""/>

(3) JS call, as follows:

<script type= "Text/javascript" charset= "Utf-8" >
function login (str, callback) {
var exec = Cordova.require (' cordova/exec ');
EXEC (callback, function (ERR) {
Callback (' Nothing to echo. ');
}, "Login", "Login", [str]);
function success (Result) {
Alert ("SUCCESS: \ r \ n" +result);
Login ("Para", success);

(4) Print out loginsuccess, you can succeed!

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