Import and export of thinkphp Excel

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1  Public functionupload ()2 {3 //Setting the response header4 Header("Contec-type=text.html;charset=utf-8");5 //instantiating an upload class6 $upload=New\think\upload ();7 //Set upload attachment size8$$upload->maxsizae=20480000;9 //Set upload attachment typeTen $upload->exts=Array(' xls ',xlsx); One //set File upload directory A $upload->savpath= "/"; - //Uploading Files - $info=$upload->uploadone ($_files[' File ']); the $filename= '/. Upload '.$info[' Savepath '].$info[' Savename ']; - $exts=$info[' ext ']; - if(!$info) - { + //prompt for upload errors - $this->error ($upload-geterror); +  A } at Else{ - //upload Successful, start import - $this->dataimport ($finame,$exts); -  - } - } in  - //This is the import function toPuhblicfunctionDataImport ($filename,$exts) + { -  the  //Import the Phpexcel class library because Phpexcel does not use a namespace, only inport import *Import ("Org.Util.PHPExcel"); $         //Create a Phpexcel object, note that there is no less \Panax Notoginseng         $PHPExcel=New\phpexcel (); -         //if the Excel file suffix name is. xls, import this class the         if($exts= = ' xls '){ +Import ("Org.Util.PHPExcel.Reader.Excel5"); A             $PHPReader=New\phpexcel_reader_excel5 (); the}Else if($exts= = ' xlsx '){ +Import ("Org.Util.PHPExcel.Reader.Excel2007"); -            $PHPReader=New\phpexcel_reader_excel2007 (); $  $     //Loading Files -         $PHPExcel=$PHPReader->load ($filename); -         //gets the first sheet in the table, if you want to get the second one, change 0 to 1, and so on the         $currentSheet=$PHPExcel->getsheet (0); -         //get total number of columnsWuyi         $allColumn=$currentSheet-Gethighestcolumn (); the         //get total number of rows -         $allRow=$currentSheet-Gethighestrow (); Wu         //loops through the data in the table, $currentRow represents the current row, which row starts reading the data, and the index value starts at 0 -          About          for($currentRow= 3;$currentRow<=$allRow;$currentRow++){ $             //from which column, a represents the first column -              -              for($currentColumn= ' A ';$currentColumn<=$allColumn;$currentColumn++){ -                 //Data coordinates A                 $address=$currentColumn.$currentRow; +                 //the data to be read, saved to the array $arr the                $data[$currentRow][$currentColumn]=$currentSheet->getcell ($address),GetValue (); -                  $             } the         } the         $this->save_import ($data); the  the } -  in //in the Import Guide database the  Public functionSave_import ($data) the { About //assume that a database the $database=d (' Upload '); the //with Loops the foreach($data  as $k=$v) + { - //Encapsulating Data the $info[' Name ']=$v[' B '];Bayi             $info[' Age ']=$v[' C ']; the             $info[' Tel ']=$v[' E ']; the             $info[' Addr ']=$v[' F ']; -             $info[' Career ']=$v[' G ']; -             if($v[' B ']!= "" &&$v[' C ']!= "" &&$v[' E ']!= "" &&$v[' F ']!= "" &&$v[' G ']!= "") the             { the             $result=$d->where (Array(' tel ' = =$v[' E '])) -find (); the              the             if($result){ -               $res=$d->where (Array(' tel ' = =$v[' E '])) ->save ($info); the}Else{ the                 $res=$d->add ($info); the             }94  the  the } the 98  About  -}

Import and export of thinkphp Excel

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