Import. sql files to MySQL Workbench

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MySQL Workbench used a little, the previous time loaded a bit, and then used a bit, feel the operation than dbdesigner4 to be more humane. Two of them have been improved, which makes me feel very cool.

The first is that the port can be modified, before it was dead 3306

Second, when DBDESIGNER4 imports XML, it can only be Erwin XML, so XML exported with mysqldump cannot be imported into dbdesigner4 at all. It's not the same now, MySQL Workbench can import. sql files directly.

Let's say the import and export database, about MySQL Workbench Basic operations, there are many online, and about the use of MySQL Workbench directly from the database import, and then exported to the database in the article very few.

1,mysql Workbench Menu File=>add Model (add models)

MySQL Add model

Click on the Add diagram in the red circle above (add a new plot) and a new graphical model will be added to the right.

2,mysql Workbench Menu Database=>reverse Engineer

MySQL Workbench Connection Database

After filling in the connection information, the next step is OK, so that the table structure of the database can be imported into the model, note, when the guide, estimated to be more than 40 seconds, wait a moment.

3,mysql Workbench Menu Database=>synchronize Model

Then it will pop up a second step similar to the dialog box, after filling, the next step can be the modified table structure, import into the database.

With the above three steps, we can export the table structure of the database, and then we can import it after making the modification. When we study a CMS, or do two of times to develop, this time we have to analyze the original database, this time MySQL Workbench, or dbdesigner is your analysis database of the deli assistant.

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Import. sql files to MySQL Workbench

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