In addition to foreign teachers, now even mobile phone can know your spoken English is standard

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The annual college entrance examination has been over two months, put the list also past a lot of days, in the test prep days, not only examinee hard, even comes student parents are busy.

In one of the oral English test, some comes parents may be the first to learn from the child's mouth, and the same time that they took the oral examination is not the same, now the oral examination, has been achieved by the machine (computer) automatic assessment, do not need the teacher involved.

Think that year, in that computer intelligence development still relatively immature era, the school or the examination organization can only arrange the professional teacher or the expert, the examinee carries on one-to-one artificial oral examination.

Obviously, the biggest problem in this way is: the evaluation of the level of candidates is mainly based on the subjective impression of the examiner. For the pursuit of open, fair and impartial examinations, the subjective impression is too large for the evaluation results often difficult to meet the unified and standardized evaluation.

Imagine, if you are a candidate from Guangdong, and you face the examiner from Beijing. After listening to your oral English, wrinkly, I think your "wide taste" is too obvious, so the sentence is not qualified;

But another candidate, who was also Guangdong, was "lucky" to meet an examiner in Guangdong. The examiner felt his pronunciation could not be more standard, so he easily got a high score. Outside the field after the exam, two classmates met, one dejected, the other complacent. But the actual level of both of them is actually not much different.

In this case, to minimize the subjective component of the evaluation process and to achieve an objective and unified standardized evaluation is undoubtedly one of the most desirable test reform goals for examinee and education departments.

Fortunately, with the rapid development of intelligent technology to today, the examinee, today's parents, finally saw the machine to replace the artificial oral evaluation has been widely popularized. This long-awaited technology, we call it "voice evaluation".

This is a software system that uses intelligent speech technology to automatically evaluate the level of pronunciation, pronunciation errors, defect location and problem analysis. In front of it, whether your pronunciation is standard or not, because of the accent, it is difficult to avoid its sharp and accurate judgment.

in the voice evaluation technology to go the fastest, is the domestic intelligent voice industry leader in Iflytek. From 1999 years, the Iflytek began in the speech technology in the field of voice evaluation of theoretical research and experimental work, after a long-term technical accumulation, has been a variety of technical difficulties in the breakthrough, is the only industry through national Committee identification and achieve the results of the use level. At present, the automatic scoring effect has exceeded the level of the artificial expert's grading.

In recent years, the Chinese and English evaluation products based on the Iflytek voice evaluation technology have developed a mature market application in China. At present, the Putonghua evaluation system has been in 31 provinces and municipalities in the national standard of Putonghua test application, the cumulative test examinee more than 16 million times, by the education sector, excellent response, the industry leader.

In addition to the application in the test scene, many people do not know, voice evaluation technology can also be used in mobile phones, in our daily use of mobile applications.

At the beginning of 2015, Iflytek announced that its leading industry-based voice evaluation technology will be open for free through the voice cloud.

As a successor to the Iflytek Core voice technology intelligent Voice Cloud platform, the cloud platform has also been formally facing the mobile Internet applications free of charge to open this capability service.

That is to say, mobile app developers simply take advantage of the free application of the SDK, integrated into the application, online call the cloud and other platforms provided by the voice evaluation services, you can provide users with their spoken words, words, sentences in pronunciation, fluency score (including Chinese and English) function. This feature contains three core technologies, namely: Chinese Mandarin pronunciation Level automatic evaluation technology, English pronunciation level automatic evaluation technology, the English pronunciation Automatic evaluation Unified technical framework. To meet the needs of different users of various voice evaluation.

According to the relevant institutions, China's online education market in 2015 is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan, the rapid rise of various educational platforms and development of the investment community "new favorite". In this market, English training institutions have been occupying a considerable proportion. Therefore, for many developers or startups interested in the field of online education, the use of mobile Internet applications as the most important service channels, to provide users with anytime and anywhere education and training services, nature is to adapt to the trend of choice.

Imagine that you only need to open the app on your phone, read the words or sentences aloud to the screen (English or Mandarin), and then you can get feedback and ratings from the software about the accuracy of every sentence you pronounce. This can understand the level of their own oral learning, for most of the hope that low-cost learning or not out of class time for scholars, is a convenient and practical solution.

earlier, there have been included in the voice of speech assistant with the "read your Sister" Voice casual games, as well as "hear no worries" such English learning app applications are using the services of this voice evaluation technology. Believe that the industry's ability to voice evaluation of the open, for the general use of mobile phone applications to help language learning users to bring a more practical and rich experience.

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In addition to foreign teachers, now even mobile phone can know your spoken English is standard

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