In the history of the MWC release of the most embarrassed AI phone, LG next May want to abandon the global mobile market

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On the eve of this year's MWC conference, Samsung's new machine S9 almost 80% of the Chinese handset industry, but LG, also from South Korea, is relatively cold. LG releases its flagship machine around MWC every year, and this year brings the LG V30s ThinQ, which focuses on AI features.

China's media indifference to Thinq is also expected, after all, LG in the past few years in the Chinese market has been frustrated, nearly half a year has been repeatedly rumored to have withdrawn from China's mobile phone market.

Frankly speaking, if it weren't for thinq to join AI, I might not think of the LG brand at all.

AI is supposed to be the best opportunity for LG to improve the software.

before we explain THINQ products, we can briefly look at the reasons why LG has failed in the Chinese market. There has been a lot of detailed analysis on this issue, such as LG's failure in marketing in China, not close to consumers, including market share by Xiaomi, Glory, Huawei and other domestic brands squeeze, and product design innovation weakness and so on.

But we are concerned that in the product itself, LG has not only been the hardware design deficiencies (such as G4 only 3000 mah battery), there are many consumers reflect the problem point to LG's software shortcomings.

Case one, G5 and millet 5, Samsung S7 series as the application of the Dragon 820, but in the same hardware environment, the G5 fever, lag more serious phenomenon. Users have improved after their root or installation background monitoring.

case two, LG mobile phone in the Chinese market in the fall of time, and millet, hammers, etc. in the Rom and UI more prominent products of the rise time point very close, in 2010, LG even in that year's MWC publicly said not to develop the application system like Samsung, LG handset manufacturing Director Skott Ahn Even predict that now the mobile phone operating system is too much, in the next few years will be weak stay strong, only the remaining three operating systems. A few years later, most Android users in China have become accustomed to high-strength optimized systems, but LG only upgraded a decent UX 6.0+ last year.

When AI began to invade the mobile phone industry, but also further confirmed that consumers are tired of the micro-innovation hardware, flower-type shell, dual camera, curved screen, to today's full screen, almost no phone can rely on hardware changes to stand out. Instead, people are beginning to focus on how AI may have evolved over time, such as smart camera and face recognition.

can't voice interact with smart speakers? That's what LG can do.

Although the emphasis on the promotion of the AI, but our evaluation of the THINQAI function is only one word: lackluster.

Thinq the AI-related functions into two categories, one is the AI Vision in the image, photography, the other is the voice of the AI voice.

On AI Vision, LG provides basic camera-based functionality. The AI CAM of the shooting object is identified by image recognition, the qlens of the e-commerce information of the QR code is identified, and the bright mode of helping the weak light is photographed.

In AI Voice, LG's Qvoice is basically a custom version of Google Assistant. Set up a 50-function voice instruction set, call some of the phone's common functions via Google Assistant.

And these are all thinq in the AI aspect of the update.

LG Smart Speaker SMARTTHINQ Hub here must be singled out to criticize, at the end of 2015 2016, smart Speaker foam has not been surging, many people do not know what the Internet of things, LG put forward to let the speaker as the Internet of Things entrance. But at the time, LG's plan is to use Bluetooth to connect the mobile phone-speakers-home appliances, air conditioning temperature and other information to control, while the speaker also assume the role of notifying users-such as washing the laundry, the speaker will be issued a voice to remind users.

> Obviously, such a control platform needs to work with a full range of new LG appliances, and as with most IoT portals, LG has not been able to make waves on this speaker. Even in the 17 smart speaker fire, there was no update to the SMARTTHINQ hub for voice interaction. Now look at the Qvoice, which uses Google Assistant speech, and it seems that LG has completely abandoned its voice interaction.

LG's MWC downfall shows that Ai really doesn't have a tutorial

Now that the MWC is such an important time, LG has come up with such a disappointing AI phone, only to say that LG has "collapsed" in artificial intelligence. Like an old-timer to participate in the draft contest, performance but unexpectedly a worse than a bad, to the end even their own efforts to lose the intention, in the colorful stage hastily ended.

LG's show seems to tell us that AI has no tuition and that tickets may have been distributed.

From the phone AI, Huawei/glory and Apple, which have made earlier brands in AI, have used self-developed chips to match the huge computational needs of AI. The next echelon of Samsung, also launched the Voice assistant Bixby. Like the Google phone, from the voice of the interactive aspect of a city.

And LG is still using Qualcomm's second-line products, Dragon 835, even Qualcomm recently launched a software and hardware to include two aspects of the AI engine, the first user is not LG.

In fact, LG in hardware performance has been not bad, in the curved screen, full screen and modular battery has been innovative, once the 2K screen is also very stunning. Just now consumer expectations of the software, just stepping on the weakness of LG.

But in business, all misfortune is often brought about by lack of preparation. LG uses the AI to perform better in the Dragon 845, while improving the calculation of power while solving the weaknesses of the previous software. Unfortunately, LG chose the opposite way.

I hope LG, the most embarrassing AI phone in the world, can give some reminders to handset makers on the edge of the market (named Sony here): AI is not a label to stick on, but a treasure trove and dangerous challenge. Whatever you choose, leave a little respect for yourself and your technology.

In the history of the MWC release of the most embarrassed AI phone, LG next May want to abandon the global mobile market

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