Install MeeGo Development System for Nokia N900

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This article will focus on learning about the MeeGo development system installation tutorial for Nokia N900. Before learning MeeGo, you must first learn how to build the MeeGo development system, I believe that you will be familiar with the MeeGo development system installation tutorial on Nokia N900 through this article.

Install MeeGo Development System for Nokia N900

The following operations do not affect your existing installation. The existing system will not be damaged.

Before installing the Meego development system, you must download two files:

◆ U disk image file:
◆ Linuxkernel file:

1. Download the burning tool

Where can I store the extracted files?

2. Burning

Put the microsd card in the card reader, and then plug in the computer.
Unbind the USB flash drive image file you just downloaded, obtain a raw file, and change the suffix of the raw file to. img.
Then run win32diskimager.exe, the logging tool. Select the corresponding drive letter and the. imgfile.
Click "write" and wait patiently for the burning to complete.

3. Put the card back on your mobile phone

Make sure your phone is shut down, and then put the microsd card into your phone.

4. Install flasher3.5

In [url = URLs
Skip this step if you have already installed it.

5. Start with flasher

First, make sure your phone is shut down.
Flasher-3.5.exe-l-k <kernel File>-B
When the screen says: SuitableUSBdevicenotfound, waiting., press the U key of the phone, and then plug in the USB. Wait for a while and the penguin icon appears. Congratulations.

6. Others

By default, an xterm is started. You can enter a basic command here: su-and then prompt you to enter the password and enter "meego" to switch to the root account.
Then input "poweroff" to shut down. The next normal start will still be your maemo5




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