Install Linux on SATA hard drive (earlier versions)

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Install Linux on SATA hard disk (earlier versions)-General Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. You do not need to read the latest version.

Sata hard drive
In the BIOS of the motherboard, you must set the SATA mode from "enhancement" to the old mode to start the RH9 installation program. (otherwise, the system will prompt that the hard disk cannot be found !)!

After installation, upgrade the kernel to 2.4.22! To compile the kernel, You must select SMP support. Because P42.4GC supports hyper-Threading Technology, it works like a dual-CPU!

Select USB support and sound core support! (Do not select any sound device)

Modify the GRUB startup parameter and change hda to hde. The partition number remains unchanged! Also, change the FSTAB. Otherwise, the "SWAP" SWAP partition cannot be activated after startup!

After restarting, change the SATA interface in the BIOS to "enhanced" mode! In this way, all functions of the Serial ATA interface can be used!

Installation Process:
1. Basic configuration: P2-3.0E, 256 M DDR400 * 2, giant SL-86SPE4 (intel 865PE), Seagate 80G 8 M serial, Rainbow GeForce4 MX440, SAMSUNG 795 MB.

2. Analysis: When the BIOS is set by default, SATA is considered as Third IDE Master (hde) and Third IDE Slave (hdf), which cannot be identified in Linux (especially in earlier versions.

3. Modify the options in the BIOS:
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