Install the LAMP environment in a full RPM package under RHEL5_3

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Author: V40r [Mo Miao question]-B. H.S. T Source: James... (don't hit me !) We recommend that you directly use the package installation method in Linux with the package manager, but if the package manager does not exist, or the author: V40r [Mo Miao asked]-B. H.S. T
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Note: For New Linux users, the Linux veteran flew over... (don't hit me !)
We recommend that you directly use the package installation method in Linux with the package manager. However, if the package manager does not exist, or you are not familiar with the use of the package manager. you must learn how to install the source code. (Still learning ). the environment is as follows:
Operating system: RHEL 5.3 (RPM Package Manager)
Kernel version: 2.6.18-128. el5
Since no serial number is entered during RHEL installation, there is no way to update and download the official redhat software and patches through yum. here you can build a local Yum source to solve the problem. here I will find it directly from the CD. in this case, friends who have a little understanding of RHEL will know that there is a package dependency in the Redhat system, which is depressing. in fact, it is not difficult. when installing the software, you can install the corresponding package according to the error prompt to complete all installation. this experiment is completed in this way.
All the following RPM packages can be found in the server directory on the RHEL installation disc.
1. install Apache-Httpd
Install the RPM Package as follows: rpm-ivh PackageName # packagename is the name of the rpm package)
RPM Package and explanation
Apr-1.2.7-11.i386.rpm # inclusion Library:
Postgresql-libs-8.1.11-1.el5_1.1.i386.rpm # inclusion Library: libpq. so.4
Apr-util-1.2.7-7.el5.i386.rpm # include library
Httpd-2.2.3-22.el5.i386.rpm # apache main program
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Install apache in this order to complete apache Security. in addition, some friends may have some minor differences in the installation process, and may need installation packages. however, you can follow the prompts. the installation of the following software is basically the same.
Start Apache. modify the apache configuration file (this configuration is still complicated. I will take another note and bypass it here)
Start Apache. command:
Linux Commands

Service httpd start # start the apache service
Copy code 2. install Mysql
The required PRM package is as follows:
RPM Package and explanation:

Mysql-5.0.45-7.el5.i386.rpm # mysql main program

Keyutils-libs-devel-1.2-1.el5.i386.rpm # inclusion Library








Copy the code to install mysql in this order. then run the following command to start it:
Linux Commands

[Root @ localhost mysql] # service mysqld start # note that add d here, that is, mysqld

[Root @ localhost mysql] # mysqladmin-u root password *****

# Configure the mysql root user password. remember to modify it.

[Root @ localhost mysql] # mysql-u root-p # log on to mysql as a root user
There are also many places worth studying to copy the Mysql code, which will not be discussed here.
III. PHP installation
Php installation should be the simplest. install the RPM package in the following order ..
RPM Package and explanation






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In addition, remember to enable apache and mysql services and use the ntsysv command.
Finally, a simple LAMP environment is set up... PHPMYADMIN is not installed here. if you have time, you are advised to learn the source code installation.
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