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Install VMwareTools on the RedHat Virtual Machine. if you carefully check the installation, you will find & ldquo; youdon 'thavevmwarw.lsinstalled & rdquo; in the lower left corner of the VMware software interface, that is, we have not installed VMwareTools yet. What is the use of VMwareTools? VMwareTools is actually a virtual graphics card driver. After installation, the Virtual System screen will display better,

VMware Tools is installed on the RedHat Virtual Machine. if you carefully check it, you will find that "you don't have VMware Tools installed" is displayed in the lower-left corner of the VMware software interface ", that is, we have not Installed VMware Tools.

What is the use of VMware Tools?

VMware Tools is actually a virtual graphics card driver. After installation, the screen display of the virtual system will be better. In addition, I also found on the internet that after installation, you can move the mouse between the master and the customer system freely without the ctrl + alt key combination (this is indeed a little troublesome ).

Next, we will briefly introduce how to install VMware Tools.

1. Right-click the virtual system on the left of the VMware interface and select "Install VMware Tools"

Note: The VM must be in the power-on status and will not be valid during shutdown.

For example:

At this time, you will find a CD icon on the Linux Desktop. This is only because the system loads the VMware Tools installation image file to the virtual optical drive, rather than actually installing VMware Tools.

For example:

2. Find the VMware Tools installation package

Right-click the Linux desktop, open the terminal, and enter the following commands (note that there are spaces ):

Cd/media/cdrom (Note: Go to the folder of the virtual optical drive)

Ls (Note: view the files and subfolders in the folder)

For example:

The VMware Tools-5.5.3-34685.tar.gz that appears at this time is the installation package name, remember it and will be used later.

3. Move the installation package and decompress it for installation.

On the terminal, run the following command:

Cd/(Note: Return to the root directory)

Cp media/cdrom/VMwareTools-5.5.3-34685.tar.gz/tmp (Note: copy the installation package to the tmp folder)

Cd/tmp (Note: Enter the tmp folder)

Tar zxf VMwareTools-5.5.3-34685.tar.gz (Note: unzip the installation package)

Cd vmware-tools-distrib (Note: Go to the extracted folder)

./ (Note: Execute the Installation File)

For example:

If you have installed all the X Window environments and development tools in Linux, the above installation process should be smooth. During the installation process, problems such as "In which directory do you want to install your binary files,

Simply press Enter;

If you encounter a request with [yes], enter yes and press Enter.

For example:

After the installation is complete, you will also be asked to configure the Resolution:

Do you want to change your guest X resolution?

[1] 640x480

[2] 800x600

[3] 1024x768


My machine supports 1280x1024. I chose 7 and decided on my own.

Set resolution to make the screen clearer and more beautiful in full screen

Note that this resolution is suitable for full screen display. Many people may be used to operating virtual systems (such as me) in window mode, so the resolution should be smaller, such as 800x600.

Now, VMware Tools has been installed successfully,

Restart the VM to make the configuration take effect.

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