Installation of dedecms (Weaving Dream) in Linux system environment tips http500 Error Resolution

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Encounter a customer installation Dede prompt http500 error, the problem has been solved perfectly, below I share this solution, I hope it helps.

Fault status: Normal installation dedecms v5.7 GBK prompt http500 error
Dede installation Environment: PHP space for a Linux environment.

Failure Case Analysis:
http500 error, query degrees Niang result:
1. "HTTP 500 is internal server error, unable to resolve program script"
2, "HTTP 500 error is due to the server running more users, resulting in a large server pressure, unable to respond"
3. "This error (HTTP 500 Internal server error) means that there is a server problem with the website you are visiting, which prevents the Web page from appearing, which is caused by a bug in Microsoft"
Wait a minute.....
Seemingly these results can not match the user site installation failure, the customer's PHP space, the normal execution of PHP script, the normal execution of PHP probe, is an independent IP space, he is independent of the operation, with IP can directly access, upload other PHP open source program can be installed properly, But why did he prompt the HTTP 500 error class when installing DEDECMS? Even more bizarre, the Dede Installation Wizard comes with a test tool that detects compliance with the DEDECMS installation requirements.
At this time, the technology login space file Manager, carefully review the next installation package file, found that many folder permissions A, data, include, templets permissions have changed, became 777 permissions, and finally found the reason, the permissions of these directories to modify 755 permissions to solve the problem.

Causes for the failure of the Dede installation to prompt for HTTP 500 errors:
With the above analysis, the culprit that caused the 500 error is 777 directory permissions. We all know that 777 permissions, in the Linux permission level, are the highest permissions. Then, we directly to the site to run the highest rights, this does not conform to the site security settings, will bring hidden dangers to the site security. In order to protect the user's website data security, the server prohibits the setting of 777 permissions. When a folder or file with 777 permissions is executed in the site directory, Apache returns

HTTP 500 error.
Afterwards, the technology reproduced the failure, download DEDECMS official website installation package (dedecms-v5.7-gbk-sp1.tar.gz), directly uploaded to the space root directory, the online decompression, after performing the installation, an HTTP 500 error occurred. Technical analysis, the Dede installation package is developed on the Linux platform, in the Dede developer, The package is packaged directly in the Linux environment as a tar.gz format, and the permissions of the folder are also included, and when we use and unzip the Linux environment, the initial permissions (777) of those folders are restored, causing the problem.
With Windows System space, this error does not occur during installation.
Download Dede official tar.gz compressed package, local decompression separately upload upload installation files will not occur.

Ok this case here, in fact, this situation, is a security is involved in a vague server settings, for security and ease of use, peak selection of security, while you are using Dede to build stations, will not be affected, can be used normally. AC Q2881064156 Ding Feng van

Installation of dedecms (Weaving Dream) in Linux system environment tips http500 Error Resolution

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