Installing the xampp-configuration Appche,mysql the pits encountered by the operating environment

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A Web application written in PHP needs to run in a PHP web container, where Apache server is a PHP Web container that is an open source project under Apache. Usually to run a Web program, we also need to install the database software, in order to eliminate the various installation trouble, chose the XAMPP one-click installation. The installation is very simple (slightly), then start the XAMPP controller, the interface is as follows:

XAMPP to help you pack and install the Mysql,appache,tomcat and so on, did have a lot of strength.   Next, Apache is started, and the default Apache uses port 80 as the listening port if 80 ports are occupied by other programs such as IIS. Either change the default port for IIS (the IIS default is also 80), or go to modify Apache, and modify the Apache port to go to the XAMPP installation directory. /apache/conf/http.conf, will port 80, modify the other ports, a total of two needs to be modified. Then restart Appche, click the admin button to go to the admin interface to see? How do I get into Microsoft's IIS Web server? Very simply, you need to keep the URL address followed by the port number you just modified. So you can see it.   Next, we start MySQL. Then go to MySQL via the phpMyAdmin link in the XAMPP admin interface. MySQL Admin interface at the bottom of the red eye-catching prompt you MySQL root account password is empty, for security purposes, please set a password for the root account.   We click on the ' Users ' tab to see the following account: The root account password is empty by default, and this figure sees a modified effect. To change the password for the root account, first select the MySQL database on the left and then execute SQL on the SQL tab. Update the user set Password=password (' Wind ') where user= ' root ' so that the 3 records in the graph are modified in batches at once.   Refresh page, MySQL cannot access the. Prompt to verify error, deny login, the biggest pit has come. Internet search for a large number of Chinese materials, need to go to xampp installation directory: Xampp\phpmyadmin\libraries to find the  config.default.php, the password in the previous set in the MySQL root account password.   thought it was done, brush a page, or login not, anxious Ah, it took a lot of time ... Finally, the answer is found in the official documents of phpMyAdmin. Please refer to: config.html default phpMyAdmin uses config.default.php configuration content, but the same configuration exists in the file, overwriting the default configuration. So find the file to open a look. Here is a null value, changed to the MySQL root account password, save, refresh the page, pThe Hpmyadmin management interface is working properly at last.

Install xampp-configuration appche,mysql the pits (RPM) encountered by the running environment

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