Intranet building Hmaiserver mail server and afterlogic webmail problem

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Recently due to work needs, in the intranet to build Hmaiserver mail server and afterlogic webmail, the problems encountered and solutions to share with you.

Environmental Xampp 1.8.2

Windows 2003

In the notebook Win7 (connected to the Internet) on the building Hmaiserver mail server and afterlogic webmail everything is normal, then to the intranet server Windows 2003 (not connected to the Internet), the result:

1, Login afterlogic Webmail user page no response, in the Install page and Adminpanel Check database connection Test success, open the log found

[03:40:09.82] DB (pdo/mysql): Start connect to [email protected]
There is no connection to the database, but the test connection to the background check database is successful.

The reason is the MySQL database problem, when the remote access to MySQL, MySQL will resolve the domain name, will result in slow access.

Solution prohibits MySQL from doing domain name resolution

Add inside the My.ini

skip-name-resolve (option to disable DNS resolution, the connection speed will be much faster.) However, you cannot use the hostname in the MySQL authorization table only with IP)
skip-grant-tables (if the MySQL server does not have a remote account, add Skip-grant-tables to the My.ini)        

2, after landing afterlogic Webmail, can receive the mailing list, but cannot obtain the mail content.

First check whether it is the problem of hMailServer, with Foxmail software instead of webmail connection HMAILSERVER,POP3 connection, use IMAP connection successfully, after entering Foxmail, can not send mail, error.

The original because the computer antivirus software banned Foxmail, re-installed solution, proved not hmailserver problem.

Check the hMailServer database, find the. eml store file name, Lenovo to the problem is not the path, because I put hmailserver installed in the Chinese directory, reinstall hMailServer to the English directory, solve the problem.

3, afterlogic Webmail Open Withoutdomain Item, is only enter the user name does not enter the @ domain, some users can login, some users cannot login (mainly new registered users)

turn on User name login configuration as Data/settings/settings.xml


Because of the need to write the user registration page, a new user login is unsuccessful, thought to be the issue of the registration page, using the hMailServer client to add users, the same failure.

Test the old user error password return information is "Account or password Error", the new user returned the information is "Connection Server error."

Check the Afterlogic webmail database and find that only the old user's information is stored in the database. Check the log, found Afterlogic webmail to hmailserver send connection request, old user with domain name, new user no domain name, only user name, then add Default domain name in hMailServer, problem resolution.

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