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Tutorial HTML English means: Hypertext Marked Language, a Hypertext Markup language, is a simple markup language used to make hypertext documents. Hypertext documents written in HTML are called HTML documents and can be independent of various operating system platforms (such as unix,windows, etc.). Since 1990, HTML has been used as the world Wide Web information Representation language to describe homepage's format design and its link to other homepage on the www. Files described in HTML language need to be displayed through the WWW browser.

Hypertext, because it can be added to the picture, sound, animation, film and other content, because it can jump from one file to another file, with the world's host files connected.

HTML can be used to show a variety of design styles

Picture call:
Text Format:<font size= "+5" color= "00FFFF" > Text </FONT>

Jump between pages can be achieved through HTML

Page jumps:〈a href= "file path/file name" ></A>

Use HTML to show the effects of multimedia

Audio:<embed src= "Music filename" autostart=true>
Video:<embed src= "video filename" autostart=true>

We've used some of the tags we need to make hypertext files while we're using the example hypertext feature. The label is that it uses a series of instruction symbols to control the effect of the output, which is represented by the "< tag name attribute >". For more information on labels see the next page.

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