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The following is the application of several states, if you do not see the English, it is recommended to copy to the site to translate the line, meaning almost understand

Waiting for Upload (Yellow)
Appears when you ' ve completed entering your metadata, however, and you had not finished uploading your binary or had chosen To upload your binary at a later time. Your app must is in the waiting for Upload state before you can deliver Your binary through application Loader.

Prepare for Upload (Yellow)
Appears when you had created a new version, but you had not yet clicked the ready to Submit Binary button. This state also indicates so you can now deliver your binary through application Loader.

Upload Received (Yellow)
Appears when your binary have been received through application Loader, but was still being processed by the ITunes Connect System.

Invalid Binary (Red)
Appears when a binary is received through application Loader, have been processed, but your binary is invalid. Examples of a invalid binary are:your binary icon does not meet we requirements, you have placed the payload directory At the wrong level in the. App Wrapper, your attempted to use a non-increasing cfbundleversion, etc.

Missing screenshot (Red)
Appears when your app was missing a required screenshot for IPhone and IPod touch or IPad for your default language app or For your added localizations. At least one screenshot was required for both IPhone and IPod touch and for IPad if you are submitting a universal app.

Waiting for Review (Yellow)
Appears after your submit a new application or update and prior to the application being reviewed by Apple. This status means the your app have been added to the app review queue, but have not yet started the review process.

Waiting for Export Compliance (Yellow)
Appears when your CCATS are in review with Export Compliance.

in Review (Yellow)  ,
appears when we is reviewing your app prior to the application being APPR Oved or rejected. It takes time to review binaries so we appreciate your patience and ask that I allow sufficient time for the proces Sing of your application.  when the status of your application is in review and you had the option to reject the binary has submitted by CLI cking Reject Binary. This would remove your binary from the review queue and would allow for another update to be submitted. if you REJ ECT your binary, the status of your app would change to Developer rejected and when your binary is re-submitted, the review Process would start over from the beginning.

Pending Contract (Yellow)
Appears when your application have been reviewed and is ready for Sale but your contracts was not yet in effect. You may check the progress of your contracts in ITunes Connect by clicking on the contracts, tax & Banking Information Module.

Pending Developer Release (Yellow)
appears when the version of your app had been approved by Apple and you had turned on the version Release Control, but ha ve not yet clicked Send Version Live. You should also see a pending action symbol on the version. Your version would remain in this state, and thus won't is live on the App Store until you click Send version Live.

Processing for App Store (Yellow)
Appears when the version was being processed to go live on the App Store. Once the processing is complete and the version state would change to "ready for Sale." This was a temporary state (approx. 1–2 hours).

Ready for Sale (Green)
Appears once your application been approved and posted to the App Store. When your application are in this status, you are having the option to remove it from the store by going to the rights and Pricin G page and removing all App Store territories.

Rejected (Red)
Appears when the binary has been rejected.

Removed from Sale (Red)
Appears when the binary had been removed from the App Store.

Developer rejected (Red)
Appears when You?ve rejected the binary from the review process. Existing versions of your application on the APP Store is not being affected by self-rejecting binaries in review.

Important: When you self-reject your binary, you lose your place in the review queue. Your binary'll is placed at the end of the queue when you resubmit.

Developer removed from Sale (Red)
Appears when you ' ve removed your application from the APP Store.

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