iOS certificate description and post purchase process collation

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Online about the Apple certificate generation and set up a lot of tutorials, but most just talk about the relevant processes and procedures, and some are just briefly related to the description, in short, not enough detailed introduction, their initial contact is also more confused, the following summary. Please combine the other Apple certificate configuration tutorials to learn the portal.

About Certificates

1. First through Keychain Access--Certificate assistant--Request certificate from Certificate Authority--Fill in Certificate information (mailbox, common name, storage to disk)-- Save As (custom name. Certsigningreuqest, referred to as the CSR file, just to be submitted to the Apple developer account and then useless) to the local

2. Create the certificate (development and production) in the Apple developer account--Upload the CSR file--Download the certificate run (xxx.cer file)

Note: only the local generated certificate is generated on the current PC, uploaded to the Apple Development Account, and then downloaded the CER file, the certificate and the corresponding secret key are available in the Keychain .

If developer B, log in to the developer account, download the certificate (CER file) to run, only the certificate does not have a secret key, is not normal use

So if a new colleague joins the development team, you should select the certificate from the local keychain and export the P12 file (containing the certificate and key) to the colleague. You can also give a colleague a copy of the provisioning profiles file (config file) for local development of identification test equipment

Export P12 File: Keychain--Select certificate-right-click Export-Save As--set P12 file password

(after sending to a colleague, double-click the P12 file, enter the password, install the certificate locally successfully)

It needs to be stressed that the certificate and project relationship is not large, the certificate is generally valid for only one year, when the certificate expires, only need to regenerate a certificate, upload to the developer account, and because the original certificate expires, you need to regenerate the provisioning profiles file. And then give them the latest P12 files and provisioning profiles files.

So the certificate in the developer account, configuration files can be assured operation (such as mistakenly deleted, or can't find the certificate key)

Add the Apple developer account to Xcode

Xcode Toolbar--xcode--preferences--accounts--left corner Add Apple id--enter Apple account, password

In the project Target--general--team, you can select the project corresponding developer account

(When Bulid's new device does not add Devicetoken to the developer account devices, Xcode will prompt you to not recognize the device, and the fix Issue,xcode in Xcode will automatically be in the developer account, Create a new provisioning profiles profile for this device and install it locally, the only bad thing is that there will be a lot of fragmented configuration files under the developer account profile)

About the app release

Modify the version of the project, as well as the versions of the project debug for release

(debug to release requires testing, some third-party libraries may have some incompatible release version )

Product--scheme--edit Scheme modifies the build configuration of Run/test/analyze/archive (when released, only Archive is required)

Apple Developer Center--itunes connect--My app--Create/Select App-fill in basic changes/Add new version (build)

Release validation

product--desination--selecting iOS Device

product--archive--Right click validate--Select certificate--validate--wait--validate successful--right click Submit to APP Store (submit build)-- Submission Successful

Apple Developer Center--itunes connect--My app--Select App-Submit build Success-Choose Auto Release/Manual Release-Submit audit

Awaiting approval

About Apple Internal purchase

Portal: Featured: iOS app built-in paid IAP

Purchase process:

1. The program sends a request to the server to obtain a list of products.

2. The server returns a list containing the product identifiers.

3. The program sends a request to the App Store to get information about the product.

4. The APP store returns product information.

5. The program displays the returned product information to the user (app's store interface)

6. The user selects a product

7. Program sends payment request to App Store

8. The APP store processes payment requests and returns transaction completion information.

9. The program obtains data from the information and sends it to the server.

10. The server records the data, and carries on the examination (our) checks.

11. The server sends the data to the App Store to verify the validity of the transaction.

The APP store parses the received data and returns the data and identifies whether it is valid.

13. The server reads the returned data to determine what the user has purchased.

14. The server passes the purchased content to the program.

Because it involves the IPA cracking software, there is fake purchase situation, need to verify the order in the background

Self-drawn iOS7-based purchase flowchart (pre-background interface call verification, etc.)

iOS certificate description and post purchase process collation

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