iOS navigation bar Navigationbar colors, buttons and captions, and font colors

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First, the hierarchical relationship: Leftbarbuttonitem, Rightbarbuttonitem, title are added on the Uinavigationitem, Uinavigationitem added on the Navigationbar, Navigationbar corresponds to the unique navigationcontroller.

1. Set the background color of the navigation bar Navigationbar:

Set after creating Uinavigationcontroller in Appdelegate

(1.) Setbartintcolor: Setting the color of the Nagivationbar can also be used:

[[Uinavigationbarappearance] setbartintcolor:[uicoloryellowcolor]];(in
Uinavigationcontroller execution Pushviewcontroller The interface again setbartintcolor after the color will change, indicating that the same uinavigationbar is set,)

(2) Modify Navigationbar color with Self.navigationController.navigationBar.barTintColor in sub-set

* Remark *//
[Uinavigationbar appearance] method can only be used in Appdelegate, The properties of Nagivationbar can only be modified by Self.navigationcontroller in Uinavigationcontroller's child pages.

(3.) Settintcolor: Set the color of the button on the Nagivationbar:

Self.navigationController.navigationBar.tintColor = [Uicolorbluecolor];

2. Set the color and properties of title on Navigationbar


[[Uinavigationbar appearance] Settitletextattributes:@{nsforegroundcolorattributename:[uicolor WhiteColor ]}];


[Self.navigationController.navigationBar Settitletextattributes:@{nsforegroundcolorattributename:[uicolor Whitecolor]}];

Also, the knowledge point about the return button:

Set the Back button for the next interface in the previous interface: Self.navigationItem.backBarButtonItem

When you switch to the next view using Pushviewcontroller, the navigation controller changes the left button of the navigation bar in the following 3 order:

1. If b view has a custom left button (Leftbarbuttonitem), the custom button will be displayed;

2. If B does not have a custom button, but the Backbarbuttonitem property of a view has a customization, the customization is displayed;

3, if none of the first 2, then the default display a Back button, the title of the Back button is a view of the title;

iOS navigation bar Navigationbar colors, buttons and captions, and font colors

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