IOS Novice Direct Writing Program Basics 1

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Some want to learn the development of iOS friends, all day for a variety of grammar, a variety of small knowledge, learning for a long time do not know what is the program, program how to write some basic problems.

I am not a big God, but as the iOS developer for more than 3 years, but also from the basic iOS development climbed up, as the saying goes, will be not difficult, difficult not, in my "height", look down, I feel iOS is very easy, why I also wonder stupid. So want to do some blog to share these years of experience, technology, experience, work, daily, and hope to help you.

The first basic article also does not give everybody to pull too much, will give everybody to chat the side to say. I learned Java, I feel Java is a bit complicated, so in the company internship with an old master learning iOS development. 14, 15 when the iOS super Fire, and the employment wage is high (starting point), so learn to have the spirit of God. I saved up for a Mac pro when I ended my internship that year. For example, this computer has been accompanying me for several years.

Get this after still very excited, after all, psychologically feel cool, (not oneself xenophilia) have an apple notebook is feel oneself tall on. After I got my notebook, I couldn't wait to open AppStore, search for Xcode from inside, and then download and install it.

I learned at that time mainly OC language development, Swfit not formally open at that time, people want to know what I will talk about later. So when we developed with OC the preferred open is the second row of Create a new Xcode project, after opening it is probably the following, the Xcode version of the interface some differences

We develop the app to choose the single View app, as for the other options of the function will be slowly talked about, after the point in the

Product name (required), this name does not represent the name of your app in the desktop of the phone, this represents the name of your program project, the team as the name implies the group means, can be filled out. Orgnization name Organization name, general display computer name, can also change to other name Orgnization Identifier: organization label, enter a unique mark here, can also be modified in the project uniformly;

Language, choose Objective-c.

In the following, the basic article is not to say, optional, and then continue to find a location to store the project again point to continue

And then you successfully open Xcode.

IOS Novice Direct Writing Program Basics 1

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