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The ideal is of course to find an architect who has the ability to manage and write code, but if there is someone who can initiate the project himself, it's hard for you to pull him. Meet certain conditions on the line, do not pursue perfection.Is there anything more perfect than that? Please produce such a robot:
  1. Cheerful personality (cheerful ≠ outgoing), approachable
  2. Good presentation skills, easy to communicate
  3. Have the design ability, have the ability to tackle
  4. Wide range of knowledge, cross-functional team work smoothly
  5. Have a certain view or influence in the industry, have good network resources
  6. Have management ability (experience ≠ ability), middle and late can manage good team, smooth growth as manager
  7. No physical or family burden, and can work overtime day and night.

On the computer to answer questions, send an email in the past to request an hour to reply:
1. The design pattern you want and its application in the iOS SDK A: Combination mode: NSView and its subclasses, by Addsubview combination; Factory mode: NSNumber generate different type data ; Observer mode: nsnotificationcenter; Command mode: Nsinvocation stores objects, functions, parameters, and invoke. Description: There can be many answers. Understand the design pattern is the most basic, understand the SDK design pattern explanation really understand the SDK
2. What are the holes in the SDK you have encountered? How did you fix it? Description: No standard answer, but clear what is called pit: SDK documentation is not mentioned, the description is not allowed or ambiguous.

3. The GitHub open Source Library you used and your summary and comment on it: no answer. Startups don't have the resources to reinvent the wheel, and it's essential to quickly prototype it with open source code. It can be seen from the summary evaluation of the level of the respondents themselves.

4. What kind of private API have you used, and how do you find the description of this private API: No standard answer, this question is not necessarily to answer, with the app. But people who use the SDK for a long time will generally want to know about the iOS system itself, just as the Pandora box does not open the more you want to open it. So if he ever crosses the SDK to spy on the OS itself, at least that means he's deep enough in that direction.
5. Please feel free to translate this sentence in English: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The answer: Use an apple once daily, the doctor can roll thick. Description: See Apple capitalization, doctor translated into a PhD can add points. The more entertaining the translated sentences, the better. Examining the answer's attention and sense of humor, in which a sense of humor is meaningful for teamwork, and if the use of popular Internet words, it also shows that he is concerned about the Internet social industry trends.
6. What do you know about people who have a little influence in the iOS development industry in China? What's the highlight of this man? How did you know about this guy? (not necessarily the real name, with various IDs or other clues to refer to) Description: no standard answer. You can see how much attention the respondents have to the industry and whether they have some network resources.
7. You are in Xcode writing code, suddenly there is an SDK class forgot how to use, you have the method to obtain the answer? A: Check notes, use Xcode shortcut keys, go to documentation to find, ask people ... Description: To avoid above his business, we need people who have to write code earlier. The best to check your own notes.
8. Please describe how you will implement the Weibo iOS client. Description: No standard answer. There are: expression, can be described clearly with professional vocabulary, comprehensive, whether all the interface and functions are mentioned, feasible and reasonable: With the correct API, to develop the correct process; external interaction: Development of communication protocols with servers, architecture design: overall structure; code management: the right tool ... Not necessarily full answer, the subject is only used to determine the character and ability of the answer to the scope of the project can meet the requirements.

iOS social app Technology partner Pen test

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