IOS----The use of blue and white porcelain-Download the historical version app

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1. Software Preparation
    • "Essentials" Charles4.0.1 Download Password: jfnk

    • "No need, with Charles better to eat" Paw2.3.1 download password: t3my

2. Official start 2.1 Open Charles Blue and white porcelain
historyapp1.png2.2 Installing certificates to intercept parsing of HTTPS request data
historyapp2.png2.2.1 If you choose to install the certificate locally, remember to save the format selection .cer
historyapp3.png2.2.2 Double-click the downloaded certificate.
historyapp4.png2.2.3 Right click on certificate
historyapp5.png2.2.4 Trust Certificate
historyapp6.png2.2.5 SSL Proxy certificate configuration complete
historyapp7.png2.3 Open itunes
historyapp8.png2.4 Click Edit in the upper left corner to be able to appear 应用This option
historyapp9.png2.5 in the drop-down option, select 应用
historyapp10.png2.6 Click on the app Store directly above
historyapp11.png2.7 search needs to download the historical version of the app, here I take the IT home as an example
historyapp12.png2.8 Click the Get button, it will become the download
historyapp13.png2.9 at this time Charles was able to see a lot of requests, look at the keywords p28-buy, this is the download request of itunes, and is HTTPS encrypted, the link next to a small lock, can not view the contents of
HISTORYAPP14.PNG2.10 Open the SSL proxy and interrupt the point to intercept the request
historyapp15.png2.11 go to itunes to delete the app you just downloaded because just to get the download request
historyapp16.png2.12 Delete the app and refresh it, restart Charles, click the itunes get button again
Historyapp17.png2.13 can see the contents of the HTTPS request at this time, click the corresponding location in the image
Historyapp18.png2.14 down, you can see a large number of numbers, these are all the app's historical version number, we just want to download the historical version of the number to copy it, we will use later, here I copy the first 11577427, for the first version of the app
historyapp19.png2.15 Click the Get button again, the download request will be blocked, jump to Charles
historyapp20.png2.16 this time replace the latest version number with the historical version number we just copied.
historyapp21.png2.17 Click ExcuteThe Execute button may come to a breakpoint 2 times, except for the first time, followed by a direct click ExcuteExecute button
historyapp23.png2.19 View the version number of the downloaded app
Historyapp26.png3. Installing an older version of the app

The old version of the app was downloaded, and then we're going to install it on the phone, or for other purposes, here are 2 ways to install it on the iphone.

    • 1. Install with itunes
      Mobile phone link computer, itunes automatically pop up, and then sync, the computer just downloaded a good app will be automatically installed on the iphone.

    • 2. Install with itools


IOS----The use of blue and white porcelain-Download the historical version app

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