iOS Upload tool for publishing iOS app to app Store under Windows

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implemented in Windows, Linux next iOS app to app Store----

We know that the release of an app, is generally used in the Apple Application Loader assistant upload application, used to know that use is cumbersome, often error. And can only run on the MAC system, requires a certain hardware conditions.

The previous time to visit the Technical Forum, found a shelves of auxiliary tools Appuploader, can be implemented on Windows,linux or Mac, no application loader and Mac computer, you can publish app to the App Store, trial, feel good, Share to all developers, convenient for everyone, now free to use.

There are several useful function points

1. iOS certificate and configuration file management
 Appuploader supports the creation of a variety of apple certificates, and the creation process is simple-just enter a certificate name, create a mailbox, and so on to create a certificate.

2. submit an IPA in Windows,linux or Mac
with Appuploader, you can upload one or more IPA files to AppStore in Windows,mac or Linux, and the probability of failure is greatly reduced, uploaded by the application loader in your Mac, and often failed to upload. Use Appuploader IPA file, upload fast, high success rate.

3. Batch upload screen and update app information
Submit screen to Itunesconnect is a very troublesome thing, have to upload dozens of screens, repeated dull. Use the Appuploader upload screen to pack and upload

4. Update multiple iOS apps at once
Use the Appuploader tool to upload multiple applications to iOS AppStore at once.

5. Using the template update program
Use the Appuploader template to update app keywords, titles, descriptions, screens or other application information more conveniently and with greater efficiency.

6. Update the application description

Generally we only update appstore information description and keywords, use appuploader can use the template for detailed update.


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iOS Upload tool for publishing iOS app to app Store under Windows

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