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What is lock screen push

iOS8 received the push message in the lock screen state, and displayed the app's icon, notice the bottom left corner of the KFC icon? What is this, have you seen?

Yes, this is the latest feature of iOS8, or a set of technologies that are implemented, including:

    • Recommended applications (suggested apps)

    • Geo-fencing (GPS geo-fences)

    • Lockscreen Message Push (lock screen notifications)

    • IBeacon

Imagine this scenario: when you go near a merchant store, you receive a message or a suggested app for the merchant (the app may have been installed, or it may not have been installed, pushed AppStore), and you will receive a thank-you message when you go to Starbucks, The Starbucks app has been automatically pushed to the lower left corner of your lock screen, so you can open it quickly without unlocking or searching your Starbucks app. Yes, similar business scenarios can also be imagined more, especially for applications that allow more exciting innovations to become possible.

So, how did this experience really work out? The following is a brief introduction to these 4 technical routes:

A. Recommended application

The recommended application is actually an open app shortcut key, using GPS positioning, iOS8 device can track your location, when an app gets your location, this app can be displayed in the bottom left corner of the lock screen, Swipe it to quickly open the app (skip to AppStore download if it's not installed). This feature may cause harassment to some users, who can either turn off the push feature or turn it off for individual apps. Such as:

Ii. Geographical Fence

Geo-fencing refers to location-based perimeter virtual boundaries, and when you leave or enter these specific locations, the application uses geo-fencing to alert you.

Three, lock screen message push

Automatic message push from Apple, technology implementation should also be APNs service, but the location of the show is different. If your app's specific beacon capabilities, whether your app is on or off or the phone just restarts, can detect beacon signals, by the recommended application, can be based on the unique identity of the merchant, to push the specific business ads and other content.

Different treatment of application recommendation between iOS7 and iOS8

Iv. IBeacon

IBEACON[1] is a new feature on the OS (iOS7) for mobile devices released by Apple in September 2013. The way it works is that devices with low-power Bluetooth (BLE) communication capabilities use BLE technology to send their own unique IDs around, and the application that receives that ID takes some action based on that ID. For example, if you set up a ibeacon communication module in your store, you can let your iphone and ipad run a message to the server, or the server will send discount coupons and incoming points to customers. In addition, you can use ibeacon to send information to the application software when the appliance fails or stops working. (Baidu) Near-field communication technology before the NFC (RFID), infrared, etc., the fact that Apple Pay is also using NFC technology. (Refer to the pros and cons of NFC and Bluetooth).

Beacon is hardware, ibeacon is software.

Beacon hardware only sends messages to devices that support the IBEACON protocol, and the data structure sent consists of 3 parts: A uuid, a beacon merchant, a major, an identity area, such as a merchant location, a minor, a sub-area of identification, if a part of the merchant, such as the sales department. Beacon does not receive messages, only messages are sent. Beacon does not send specific business promotions and other content, it only sends location information, receive Location message app, after the monitoring location information, and then push the promotion content according to business logic.

Currently 4s+ios7.1 above support BLE4 (and Support Ibeacon), Android is said to be supported in the Anroid L version. (The traditional practice is to stay in the service in the background of non-stop scanning or dual service or alarm services, these are more power consumption, no availability, but also to wait for the new version of Android at the system layer support only line).

Two major issues to be addressed in business scenarios

The above 4 technologies are mixed, resulting in the application scenario that was first described, the location-based app to solve two major problems: one is to track my location, and the other is the point of interest identification (such as the location of the merchant). Both require connected identification and matching to actually recommend specific applications and push specific messages based on specific apps.

The following separately explains the current practice.

First, tracking location

Traditional practice is to achieve through GPS positioning, coupled with Wi-Fi hotspot, base station information, three ways to correct the user's location, but this location data is not accurate, often have a large error, especially in the room. This requires in the indoor (merchant) deployment of different hot equipment, before the practice of millet and other companies to set up Wi-Fi equipment, with the electric signal hundred promotion of the free-chinanet practice similar to the current promotion is not clear. Apple's approach is to erect different ibeacon devices, which are rumored to be paid for. Both need to set up the equipment, all will be a relatively long process. If this traffic entry is preempted, there will be another technological revolution. As long as the cost and profit is considerable, the merchant should be willing to try, but also can be connected to the offline payment scenario (although UnionPay has been under the pressure to pay, but the revolutionary trend is unstoppable!) )。

Second, business identification

Indoor positioning is what outside a set of technical solutions, Apple's approach is to use ibeacon technology, which is based on Bluetooth BLE4.0 above protocol implementation, need to lay each ibeacon hardware equipment, each device has a unique identity. At present there are many manufacturers in the domestic production of such equipment (such as this ), including also support similar device access and binding (what to do!). )。 Some manufacturers cost can be achieved 30 yuan A, covering a range of about 40 meters. Of course, the coverage also has a certain relationship with the indoor environment, such as obstacles. A mobile phone can support 20 zone monitoring (source Baidu). These manufacturers have implemented functions such as scanning peripheral sensor devices, reading sensor device parameters, uploading sensor device status (batteries, umm, etc.) to the cloud platform, setting up cloud sub-sensors, and so on.

Next, technology implementation

As a developer, all you have to do is set up the Beacon area to monitor the/beacon geo-fence, and then wait for the user to enter the area, and the app's icon will automatically appear on the lock screen.

Technology implementation, the first to open the Info.plist

<key>NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription</key><string> easy access to the Starbucks app</string> when you're close to Starbucks on the lock screen

Careful! Nslocationalwaysusagedescription when submitting the app audit, audit instructions must be clear application scenarios, otherwise it is likely to reject!!

The following code is based on estimotesdk

#import   "ESTBeaconManager.h" @interface  AppDelegate  ()  <estbeaconmanagerdelegate>@ property  (strong, nonatomic)  ESTBeaconManager *beaconManager; @end @implementation  appdelegate-  (BOOL) Application: (uiapplication *) Applicationdidfinishlaunchingwithoptions: ( nsdictionary *) launchoptions {    self.beaconmanager = [[ estbeaconmanager alloc] init];        // modify  the region definition to match your set of beacons     estbeaconregion *region =        [[estbeaconregion  alloc]         initwithproximityuuid:estimote_proximity_ uuid         major:12345          minor:54321         identifier:@ "My region"];        [ self.beaconmanager requestalwaysauthorization];    [self.beaconmanager  Startmonitoringforregion:region];        return yes;} @end


ibeacon FAQ

Business Scenario

Http:// how-ios-8-takes-beacon-enabled-apps-to-the-next-level-enables-ibeacon-triggered-lock-screen-notifications/


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iOS8 lock Screen App push

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