Issues & Workarounds for Android SDK downloads and updates

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Update the SDK today and encounter an update download failure issue:

Fetching Https://
Fetched add-ons List successfully
Fetching Url:
Done loading packages.
Fetching Https://
Failed to fetch URL Https://, reason:connection to https:// refused
Fetched add-ons List successfully
Fetching Url:
Failed to fetch URL Https://, Reason:httphostconnect Connection to Https:// refused
Done loading packages.

Under Search, the solution is as follows:

Solve the difficulties of accessing Google servers in China:
1. Launch Android SDK Manager;
2. Open the main interface, select "tools", "options...", pop up the "Android SDK manager-settings" window;
3. In the "Android SDK manager-settings" window, fill in port"and 80 in the"http proxy server"and"http proxy input boxes, and select " Force https://... sources to be fetched using http://..."check box; 4. Click the"close"button to close the" Android SDK manager-settings "window to return to the main interface ;
5. Select "packages", "reload".

So, problem solving ~

Also, when installing NODEJS, you need to manually add the Node-cache and Node-global files.

Issues & Workarounds for Android SDK downloads and updates

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