Issues I encountered when building Windows Store apps on a new laptop

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I took over my beloved wives Samsung Ativ book 9 recently as her first job granted she a brandnew Surface Pro 3 cost half Covered by hers own salary and possessed by her company (Hope she'll stay with the company a bit longer).

I found the SSD amazing and faster than my old laptop ' s spinal drive. So I started moving out all the rubbish including the backup partitions unncessary to me and continued programming my wind oWS apps on it straight away.

One thing I found that hindered me is I couldn ' t launch and debug a paid software made by me and purchased by my wife on This new laptop. And the issue is exactly as described by the discussion below

Https:// error-dep0700-registration-of-the-app-failed-another-user-has-already-installed-an-unpackaged?forum= Toolsforwinapps

I did what is suggested there and got it amazingly work. However after, found all my microsoft/live account associated apps stopped working (exit on loading). And I suspect it is to does with the what I didn't above and a few common housekeeping options for Windows Store didn ' t work Wsreset.exe). The only easiest-I fount to resolve, is to uninstall them first and retrieve them again from the S Tore. Once reinstalled it still reported error when launching. But this time it provided me a link to the store where it shows the app needs repair and I can repair it. After the all seems back to perfect.

Issues I encountered when building Windows Store apps on a new laptop

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