It is very simple to reinstall the win10 64-bit system tutorial, and to reinstall the win1064-bit tutorial

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It is very simple to reinstall the win10 64-bit system tutorial, and to reinstall the win1064-bit tutorial

In the SSD + original win7 image environment, the defender can boot quickly. The only difference is that the defender's BIOS supports the next-generation UEFI Boot Mode. However, due to the compatibility of win7 with this mode, it has never been installed successfully. In the end, SSD is converted to MBR format, while HDD is retained in GPT partition format, so that Windows 7 can be successfully installed in Legacy startup mode, meeting the needs but not enjoying the convenience of the next-generation startup mode. Of course, some of you have posted a UEFI Win7 installation tutorial. If you are interested, try it. For more information about MBR and GPT partitioning, see To sum up, the partition format and Startup Mode of the boot disk should be UEFI corresponding to GPT, Legacy corresponding to MBR, and mashups can also be used, but the risks during use cannot be estimated.

Installation Step 1

Make a backup before reinstalling the system. If you have important information stored on the boot disk (solid state disk), you must back up the data first. If the partition format of the boot disk is MBR, use tools such as DiskGenius to convert it to GPT format. This saves some trouble during installation.


Create a system disk. First go to find the image to be installed (like one first ). Here I chose the first one, which contains the Professional and Home installation versions.

A 4G iso image installation package is downloaded. If you put it directly into a USB flash drive, the general format of the USB flash drive is FAT 32, and the size of a single file cannot exceed 4 GB. Therefore, the method I used is to extract the image and then directly put it into the USB flash drive. The USB flash drive will display the system boot disk icon. Here, the installation disk is ready:


Restart the machine and press F2 when the machine is started (applicable to the rescue worker and the specific model is queried by yourself). Change the Boot Mode to UEFI First. Save the changes and restart the page. The installation page is displayed. If you forget to convert the disk to the GPT partition format, you can delete the volume represented by the disk. then shift + F10 convert gpt to convert all the disks into GPT format. Follow the prompts to install it step by step.


By default, win10 supports UEFI boot, and uses SSD as the system disk, enabling ultra-fast startup. The reinstallation process is also very simple. Try again. Note that software that requires registry writing and configuration items to be stored on the C disk needs to be re-installed and configured with environment variables, which is generally not required for tool software, if you still use a non-boot disk, you can use it without installation. Win10 does not support some plug-ins as well as win7. If any problem occurs during use, you can use Baidu or Google

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