Iweb Summit (HTML5 Summit) July 19, 2015 Shanghai station after the impression

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In Sunday, from Nanjing to Shanghai to participate in the Iweb Summit (HTML5 Summit), feel this day to the very value of, a few speeches are very exciting, dry a lot ah. overall feeling with the final finalization of the 2014 HTML5 Standard, the recent HTML5 industry chain in the gradual improvement, the entire industry should still be in the development of maturity, has emerged some technology platform-level companies, such as Egret game engine, Crosswalk,dcloud and so on. In addition, some super apps are already the main battlefield of HTML5, companies in their own apps have basically introduced WebView, to achieve HTML5 hybrid architecture.
first of all, a few impressive projects and companies, Egrets Egret game engine and Lark Interactive Mobile application framework, Intel's Crosswalk framework (crosswalk 2014 Cordova has not been integrated when we have used, Can solve the android4.0-4.3 version of the mobile Web page adaptation problem, now progress quickly ah, already have their own IDE Intel SDK and Intel SDK, Wood pimple professional-level HTML5 interactive animation content production Cloud platform, 360yun Webvr platform (the effect is very flashy, I can put the aerial picture on the above), wild dog Real-time Baas (backend as a service, mainly based on the web socket technology to achieve real-time) cloud services. The introduction of the morning arm of the HTML5 new technology looked very rewarding, and some things have not previously been concerned about. Finally Baidu's beauty front side This party shares the HTML5 mobile page construction platform technology structure, introduced the Baidu HTML5 mobile page development platform legend the technical structure, is based on the Angularjs development.
here is my more familiar multi-port publishing technology.   Multi-release is the development of a set of code at the same time as Android App,ios App, mobile Web site, station simultaneous release, Dcloud launched a high-performance front-end MUI and HTML5 Rapid development ide:hbuilder Support multi-release, it is suitable for rapid development of multi-mobile projects. Dcloud's multi-terminal scheme is based on multiple webview, which can solve some mobile-specific problems at this stage, especially the blank when the Web page switches load. I personally more inclined to based on the Ionic framework and Cordova framework of the scheme, the current ionic framework has solved the page scrolling, drop-down refresh, keyboard popup and other mobile-specific problems, because it is based on a single page of ANGULARJS application, there is no Web page load blank problem. In the future, with the gradual improvement of the performance of the equipment, WebKit's continuous improvement, HTML5 performance problems will no longer exist in the future. In the multi-terminal publishing and hybrid app development, kilometer network has accumulated rich multi-platform adaptation development experience, and complete front-end engineering method, has been able to implement a set of code support Android phone/tablet App,ipad,iphone App, station, mobile Web site multi-release, We are based on Ionic Framework,angularjs,cordova,gulp and other technologies to achieve, has now completed 2 Platform Mobile e-commerce products.
This meeting focuses on HTML5 new technology, HTML5 development related platforms and tools, HTML5 game development, for React,angularjs and other front-end technology involved less. node. JS Aspect Ali introduced the node. JS Performance Tuning Tool node Profiler is very good, if can be more perfect point, is now considering using node. js as the server API.
finally attach the catalogue of the Iweb Summithttp://h5.moneplus.cn/iweb/

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Iweb Summit (HTML5 Summit) July 19, 2015 Shanghai station after the impression

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