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Comparison between Java and PHP

Select Java or choose PHP? Learning Java or learning PHP? is Java good or PHP good? is Java powerful or PHP powerful? The language of the dispute has not stopped, and I want to participate in the dispute, I just want to from all angles and I know the actual situation, the two to do a comprehensive analysis. Hope to be a reference to the upcoming friends.

  1. 1, Java and PHP technical level comparison:?????? Java is a purely object-oriented development, powerful, many branches, no Java can not do software. c/S or b/s. Functionally speaking, no language can compare with Java. But its advantage is also its disadvantage, specific reference 6th.?????? PHP is an up-and-comer, absorbing the advantages of Java and C and Perl, focusing on the Internet domain. Web domain PHP has a unique advantage, the web domain no language can be compared with him.?????? Compared to the two, basically Java outright. But there is not much comparability, and the field of focus is different. Simply take both to do the Web, PHP outright.

  2. 2, Java and PHP market share comparison:?????? Java language is ancient, many years of development, its in the C/S field and B/S field have a place, especially in the telecommunications and banking industry. But with the change of social needs and the focus of other languages, the Java market is being eaten a little bit, the web domain is almost PHP eminence, the embedded field is almost C + + eminence, the client domain is almost eminence, but not the advent of Android, the fate of Java is really bad to say. The huge Java empire that it accumulated before will not collapse suddenly, there must be a process. So now learning does not need to worry about its future, now learn what you need to worry about is the javaer of talent in the last decade, and a large number of people who are entering the Java camp.?????? The description of PHP in the market is relatively simple, because we just look at one area, that is the web domain. The Web domain PHP market more than 80%, the rest is such as Java-jsp,asp,c#,.net,python,ruby and so on. 395 of the top 500 websites use PHP. Two of the world's largest Web sites, Facebook and Sina Weibo are all using PHP.?????? The two are equal in comparison.

  3. 3, Java and PHP development Space contrast?????? Android is very strong, but mobile phone installs the limited number of apps, the promotion is difficult, is also the biggest challenge that the app faces, fortunately Android only Java can do, in addition is HTML5.?????? Chinese share population The global population of 19.7%, China's internet users accounted for 22.4% of the world's internet users, China's number of Web sites accounted for 0.5% of the world's website, the Web site can be a huge space for development, the Internet contributes to GDP by 20% in the developed world, China's Internet impact on GDP is only 3%. Can be described as the development of the Internet is huge, and the internet can not web,web without PHP.?????? Compared to the two, the advantages of PHP are more obvious to the individual.

  4. 4. Salary comparison between Java and PHP?????? Salary is determined by the relationship between supply and demand, talent is absent, salary is naturally high, talent saturation, salary naturally not high.?????? Java because the university has the basic curriculum, many people want to engage in the software industry, the nature of learning Java, plus Java nearly 10 years of hot, talents, the entire Java industry is in demand. Nanjing: A 30-person Java training course, finally almost 10 people can not find the ideal job and career change, the minimum salary even more than 1000 yuan, someone willing to do. Of course, Java is good, pay more than 4,000 is also a lot of.?????? PHP completely relies on the market drive, the difficulty is that many people do not understand PHP, there is no way to understand, the root cause is that the university does not have this course, I know, Nanjing Baishi University only Xiaozhuang College opened a PHP course, and not as major. Market demand for PHP, colleges and universities are not clear, colleges and universities are willing to push the characteristics of the school's Java.?????? There are fewer people learning PHP, more business needs, resulting in PHP pay far more than the industry. The general starting salary is not less than 3000 yuan. Nanjing Area high early has exceeded 4500 yuan. North Canton is more than 6000 yuan to break the starting salary.?????? Compared to the two: in addition to Java work difficult to find, but as long as the work, the high-level line is similar, low-level Java is obviously at a disadvantage.

  5. 5. Comparison of salary rate between Java and PHP:?????? Java is recognized as difficult, difficult to get started, and it takes at least 1-2 years to get started, and this period belongs to the apprenticeship level, with limited salary gains. 2 years later there will be a big increase, basically take a 67,000 is no problem.?????? PHP is recognized as simple, very fast, basic over the trial period can be raised wages, Phper normal is half a year salary, the first 3 years of the range can also, 1 years 56,000, 2 years 78,000. There are also a few 3 years to be able to cross the million.?????? Compared to the two: in fact, PHP front-end advantage is obvious, the two sides of the region flat. Not as many people say that PHP behind the difficult to rise, PHP short, but less skilled. Java is not as high-paying as many people boast, and two-level differentiation is serious. In fact, it is normal, the more difficult the language, two-level differentiation more serious.

  6. 6, Java and PHP each development bottleneck:?????? Java EE system once ruled enterprise-level software development for more than dozens of years, a decade of talent, but the language itself is increasingly showing bloated and fragmented posture. The use of Java is an expensive choice, complex requirements design, slow project progress, expensive application server and maintenance difficulty make Java a kind of language on the temple. The split of the version also makes the so-called cross-platform features become an empty word. Java features make it not suitable for business with the rapid changes in the market of Internet enterprises, the web is almost PHP eminence, embedded in the field of almost C + + eminence, the client domain is almost eminence, but not the advent of Android, the fate of Java is really bad to say. PHP large and medium-sized system development, convenient, fast, Java and ASP. There is a lot of PHP, such as YAF,YII,CI and other powerful framework, small and medium-sized general system development, a thinkphp is enough to kill Java SSH three framework.?????? PHP because of its simple, rapid development and other characteristics, also led to the development of complex applications slightly difficult, so-called analyticals reminder, PHP due to its focus on the application level, the development of basic need not consider the underlying things, resulting in its rapid development, learning simple; but also lead to learning PHP work for a period of time more prone to bottlenecks, PHP has added a more powerful extension after the 5.3 release, which can be implemented by PHP extensions. So PHP development encountered such bottlenecks, you can consider the extension to solve, Facebook and are using a large number of expansion capabilities to deal with one after another problem. Sina Weibo architect and chief PHP technical advisor Xinchen has been focusing on the research and sharing of PHP's underlying principles. The extension was the greatest place he thought of PHP.

  7. 7, Java and PHP post number comparison:?????? The data from the early September 2014 Baidu statistics:?????? At the beginning of September 2014, the number of jobs in the national Java was 82,703.

    Number of jobs in Java nationwide

    ?????? At the beginning of September 2014, the number of jobs in the national PHP was 47,263.

    Number of jobs in PHP nationwide

    ?????? The number of jobs in Java is almost twice times less than the number of PHP jobs. But it is worth pondering that the number of Java talent is 100 times times more than the number of PHP talent.

  8. 8. Comparison of learning cost between Java and PHP:?????? Java learning, is recognized as difficult. Difficult to understand and difficult to get started with. Self-study time cost is 12 months, self-study success rate less than 10%, training time cost also nearly 6 months. The average cost of training costs roughly about 15000 yuan. The time cost of becoming a skilled is 2 years. The time cost of becoming a master is generally more than 5 years.?????? PHP Learning is recognized as the simplest language. Explanatory language, without compiling. Self-study time cost is 6 months, self-study success rate 20%, training time cost 3 months. The average cost of training costs about 8000 yuan. The time cost of becoming a skilled is 1 years. The time cost of becoming a master is generally more than 3 years.?????? In comparison, Java's school costs are significantly higher than PHP.

  9. ? ? ? Summary: Java and PHP each has its advantages, said tomorrow morning is not necessarily the end, I want to say is to learn which, are OK.?????? Want to learn Java is engaged in the Android industry, want to engage in the web domain, learn php.?????? Because of the difficulty of learning Java, there is no foundation or poor basic students or cautious choice, for 0 of the basic students or PHP may be more appropriate.

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