JavaScript Action URL function (add, modify, delete URL parameters)

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This two days to encounter the operation of the URL js, online Search A lot of methods, are direct operation, use is very inconvenient, there are many duplicate code.

So set hundred home strict, summed up the various methods, it compressed into a function object, only dozens of lines of code, the use of simple method


The code is as follows Copy Code

Description: This code can be freely copied and used, but please keep the author information!
Author:kevin website:

JS operation URL function use instructions:
Initialization of Var myurl=new objurl (); You can also customize Url:var myurl=new objurl (' ');
Read URL parameter value var val=myurl.get (' abc '); Reading the value of the parameter ABC
Sets the URL parameter myurl.set ("ARG", data); Add/Modify the value of an arg parameter is data
Removes the URL parameter myurl.remove ("Arg"); Remove arg parameter
Gets the processed URL myurl.url ();//generally executes the jump Location.href=myurl.url () directly;
Debugging interface: Myurl.debug (); Modify the function for debugging
function Objurl (URL) {
var ourl=url| | Window.location.href;
var href= ""; the front section
var Params={};//url Parameter Object
var jing= "";//#及后面部分
var init=function () {
var Str=ourl;
var index=str.indexof ("#");
if (index>0) {
Str=str.substring (0,index);
Index=str.indexof ("?");
if (index>0) {
Href=str.substring (0,index);
Str=str.substr (index+1);
var parts=str.split ("&");
for (Var i=0;i<parts.length;i++) {
var kv=parts[i].split ("=");
This.set=function (key,val) {
Params[key]=encodeuricomponent (Val);
This.remove=function (key) {
if (key in params) params[key]=undefined;
This.get=function (key) {
return Params[key];
This.url=function (key) {
var strurl=href;
var objps=[];
For (var k in params) {
if (Params[k]) {
Objps.push (+ + "=" +params[k]);
if (objps.length>0) {
strurl+= "?" +objps.join ("&");
if (jing.length>0) {
return strurl;
This.debug=function () {
The following debug code freedom settings
var objps=[];
For (var k in params) {
Objps.push (+ + "=" +params[k]);
alert (OBJPS);//output params all values
Init ();

Call method

JS operation URL function use instructions:

  code is as follows copy code

var myurl= New Objurl (); Class You can also customize Url:var myurl=new objurl (' ');
var val=myurl.get (' abc ');//Read the value of the parameter ABC
Myurl.set ("arg", data);//Add/Modify the value of an arg parameter is Data
Myurl.remove ("Arg"); Remove the arg parameter
Myurl.url ();//Get the processed URL, and generally execute the jump directly: Location.href=myurl.url ();
Myurl.debug ();//This is the Debug interface. Modify the function method to debug

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