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We can't imagine what a dashboard would look like without a chart. Charts can be visually and effectively displayed on the data. Not only that, the clever application of the chart can also improve the overall visual effect of the website.

This article will cover some of the most useful JavaScript libraries for making charts. These libraries can help you complete the beautiful, customizable diagrams and tables in your future projects.

The libraries presented here are mostly free, and of course some libraries offer more powerful paid editions.

1. d3.js--Data-driven

Today, when we think about making a chart, D3 will be the first name that comes to mind. As an open-source repository, D3 offers a number of powerful features that are not available in many other existing libraries. The "Enter and leave" feature, with good gradients and syntax similar to jquery and prototype, is why D3 is revered as a library of best-made charts. Charts made with D3 are converted to HTML, SVG, or CSS code.

Unlike other libraries, D3 cannot contain any pre-built charts outside of box. Of course, to learn more about similar properties, you can browse through the projects that have been using D3.

D3 support for older browsers is not optimistic, such as IE8. You can use plugins such as Aight plugin to address compatibility issues.

Web sites that apply D3 include Nytimes,uber and

2. Google Charts

Google Charts is an easy-to-use library. It provides a variety of pre-made diagrams, including area, bar, date, pie, and geography.

Google charts also includes a number of customization options to make changes to the graphics. The chart is converted into HTML 5/svg code to solve cross-browser cross-platform issues. such as Iphones,ipads and Andriod. It is also able to convert charts to VML to be compatible with older versions of IE browsers.

3. Chart.js

Chartjs provides a flattened chart, uses the HTML canvas for code conversion, and applies ployfill to support IE7/8.

The Chartjs is responsive by default and works well in mobile and tablet devices. It has six different styles of charts (), which makes it the most attractive open source library for some time.

4. Chartist.js

Chartist can provide beautiful, responsive graphs. Like Chartjs, Chartist is also made by people in the community who cannot tolerate high-cost JavaScript libraries. It uses SVG for code conversion and can be set by CSS3 media queries and sass. It's worth noting that Chartist can be used to create cool animations if you use a modern browser.

5. N3-charts

If you are a ANGULARJS developer, then you will be amazed at the ease of use and fun of N3. N3 is built on the basis of D3 and Angularjs. It uses the form of directives to provide charts of different styles.

6. Ember Charts

Ember Charts is an open-source library built using D3 and Ember. It provides a variety of graphics, easy to use. The code conversion is done by SVG.

7. Smoothie Charts

If you are working with streaming data, then smoothie charts is right for you. It uses canvas to convert code, is a plain JavaScript code base, and provides the ability to keep and color blink for real-time charts.

8. Chartkick

Chartkick works with Ruby, provides a variety of chart graphics, and uses SVG for code conversion.

9. Zingchart

The Zingchart is used to quickly build modern products that are flexible, interactive, responsive, and scalable. It has been applied to many projects, such as Apple, Adobe, Boein Walmart. Zingchart uses Ajax, JSON, and HTML 5来 to quickly transmit beautiful diagrams.

Zingchart not only offers a free trial version, but also offers a commercial version at different prices to meet your business needs.

Ten. Highchartsjs

The Highchartsjs is a very popular library. It provides a lot of animation for the chart, which is enough to attract the attention of those customers. HIGHCHARTSJS also offers many kinds of graphics.

One of the biggest highchartsjs is that it can be compatible with older versions of browsers such as IE6. For modern browsers, it uses SVG, and for the boss's browser, the chart is converted to VML.

HIGHCHARTSJS offers a free personal trial version and a commercial paid version.


Fusioncharts is one of the oldest charting libraries, published in 2002. The code for the chart will be converted to HTML 5/svg and VML to ensure portability and compatibility.

Unlike the others, Fusioncharts provides the ability to directly manipulate JSON and XML. You can also use PNG, JPG, or PDF formats to come to these charts.

Fusioncharts compatibility with older versions of browsers is very good. That is why it has become popular among companies.

You can use it for free with fusioncharts watermark. If you want to remove this watermark you will need to purchase a paid version.


Flot was created for jquery and is one of the earliest popular libraries to be born.

Flot supports line charts, point charts, area charts, bar charts, or any combination of them. It is also compatible with older versions of browsers, such as IE6 and Firefox2.

Flot is completely free and also offers paid commercial support at the request of the customer.


Amchart is undoubtedly the most beautiful icon library in these libraries. It seamlessly separates itself into 3 separate libraries--javascript Charts, Maps Charts (ammaps) and stock Charts.

Ammap is the part of the above three that the author likes. It offers a lot of features, including loading icons or pictures on the map, thermal maps, drawing lines, and being able to add text, zoom, etc. on the map.

Amchart uses SVG to convert code and only runs in a modern browser. The chart it creates may not run in a browser below IE9.

The free version of Amchart will have a link to its website at the top of each picture. His commercial version will cost a little more than other products on the market.

EJS Chart

EJS Chart Xuancheng They are quasi-compliant with enterprise-class software. There are charts that are more uncluttered and readable than some of the oldest libraries. It is also compatible with ie6+ and other versions of the browser.

Ejs also has a free version and a paid version. The free version will limit you to only one picture on a page, and only 2 sets of data per image.


Uvchart is an open source JavaScript chart library. He claims to have more than 100 customizable options and 12 different styles of charts.

Uvchart uses D3 to build the library. It claims to have removed all obscure code from D3 and provides an easy way to create standard charts. Uvchart uses svg,html and CSS for code conversion.


Now it's up to you to choose which library to use to build your future apps.

Developers who want to take more control of the chart will inevitably prefer to choose D3.

These libraries provide excellent technical support in the StackOverflow forum.

JavaScript chart--15 JavaScript Chart Library

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