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See a lot of people have this reserved number of decimal point after the demand, but most of them write a function to intercept, but also consider rounding up what, it is quite complicated to write.

In fact, the number object of JavaScript has a method of preserving decimals after the decimal point: toFixed, which is rounded.

I was afraid IE6 not support this method, see MDN Inside said this method is javascript1.5 only came out. Specifically under the IE6 to try, is fully supported

Toexponential ([fractiondigits]): Returns the number in scientific notation format, where the fractiondigits value is retained after the decimal point.

ToFixed ([fractiondigits]): Returns a number to the specified number of decimal places, where the fractiondigits value is retained after the decimal point.

Toprecision ([precision]): Returns a number to the specified precision (this precision does not refer to a few after the decimal point), where precision is the specified precision value.

Examples are as follows:

The code is as follows

var n = 12345.6789;

N.tofixed (); Returns 12346

N.tofixed (1); Returns 12345.7

N.tofixed (6); Returns 12345.678900

(1.23e+20). toFixed (2); Returns 123000000000000000000.00

(1.23e-10). toFixed (2); Returns 0.00

2.34.toFixed (1); Returns 2.3

-2.34.tofixed (1); Returns-2.3

( -2.24). toFixed (1); Returns-2.2

Conversion function, this code comes from a foreign forum.

The code is as follows

function Roundnumber (number,decimals) {

var newstring;//the new rounded number

Decimals = number (decimals);

if (Decimals < 1) {

NewString = (Math.Round (number)). ToString ();

} else {

var numstring = number.tostring ();

if (Numstring.lastindexof (".") = = 1) {//If there no decimal point

Numstring + = ".";/ /Give it one at the end


var cutoff = Numstring.lastindexof (".") + decimals;//the point in which to truncate the number

var D1 = number (numstring.substring (cutoff,cutoff+1));/The value of the last decimal place, we ' ll end

var d2 = number (numstring.substring (cutoff+1,cutoff+2));/The next decimal, after the last one we want

if (D2 >= 5) {//Do we need to round up on all? If not, the string would just be truncated

if (D1 = = 9 && cutoff > 0) {//If the digit is 9, find a new cutoff point

while (Cutoff > 0 && (d1 = 9 | | | isNaN (d1))) {

if (D1!= ".") {

cutoff-= 1;

D1 = number (numstring.substring (cutoff,cutoff+1));

} else {

cutoff-= 1;




D1 + 1;


if (D1 = = 10) {

numstring = numstring.substring (0, Numstring.lastindexof ("."));

var roundednum = number (numstring) + 1;

NewString = roundednum.tostring () + '. ';

} else {

NewString = numstring.substring (0,cutoff) + d1.tostring ();



if (Newstring.lastindexof (".") = = 1) {//Do this again, to the new string

NewString + = ".";


var decs = (newstring.substring (Newstring.lastindexof (".") +1)). length;

for (Var i=0;i

var newnumber = number (newstring)//Make it a number if

Document.roundform.roundedfield.value = newstring; Output to the form field (change for your purposes)


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