JavaScript Event Object Eventutil

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JS has a variety of event objects, compatibility is uneven, this object encapsulates most of the required methods

varEventutil={addhandler:function (element,type,handler) {//Add Event      if(Element.addeventlistener) {Element.addeventlistener (Type,handler,false);//adding events using the DOM2-level method}Else if(element.attachevent) {//add an event using the IE methodElement.attachevent (" on"+Type,handler); }Else{element[" on"+type]=handler;//adding events using the DOM0-level method}}, Removehandler:function (Element,type,handler) {//Cancel Event      if(Element.removeeventlistener) {Element.removeeventlistener (Type,handler,false); }Else if(element.detachevent) {element.detachevent (" on"+Type,handler); }Else{element[" on"+type]=NULL; }}, Getevent:function (Event){//Use this method to get the event object across browsers      return Event?Event: Window.Event; }, Gettarget:function (Event){//returns the actual destination of the event      return Event. target| |Event. srcelement; }, Preventdefault:function (Event){//default behavior for blocking events      if(Event. Preventdefault) {         Event. Preventdefault (); }Else{         Event. returnvalue=false; }}, Stoppropagation:function (Event){//immediately stop the propagation of events in the DOM//avoid triggering event handlers that are registered on Document.body      if(Event. Stoppropagation) {         Event. Stoppropagation (); }Else{         Event. cancelbubble=true; }}, Getrelatedtarget:function (Event){//get mouseover and mouseout related elements      if(Event. Relatedtarget) {         return Event. Relatedtarget; }Else if(Event. toelement) {//compatible with ie8-         return Event. toelement; }Else if(Event. FormElement) {         return Event. FormElement; }Else{         return NULL; }}, Getbutton:function (Event){//gets whether the button pressed or released by MouseDown or MouseUp is in the mouse      if(Document.implementation.hasFeature ("mouseevents","2.0")){         return Event. Button; }Else{         Switch(Event. button) {//Map the button property under the IE model to the Button property under the DOM model             Case 0:             Case 1:             Case 3:             Case 5:             Case 7:               return 0;//The main mouse button is pressed (usually left)             Case 2:             Case 6:               return 2;//The middle mouse button is pressed             Case 4:               return 1;//mouse button (usually right button)}}, Getwheeldelta:function (Event){//Gets the value that represents the scroll direction of the mouse wheel      if(Event. Wheeldelta) {         return Event. Wheeldelta; }Else{         return-Event. detail* +; }}, Getcharcode:function (Event){//to get the same character encoding across browsers, using the KeyPress event      if(typeof Event. charcode==" Number"){         return Event. CharCode; }Else{         return Event. keycode; }   }        };

JavaScript Event Object Eventutil

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