JavaScript namespaces: Naming rules and methods in JavaScript

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JavaScript variable names are subject to two simple rules:
1. The first character must be a letter, an underscore (_), or a dollar sign ($).
2, the remaining characters can be underlined, dollar sign or any letter or numeric character.
Name Method:
1, camel notation-the first letter is lowercase, the next words are capitalized letters begin. Such as:
var mytestvalue = 0, Mysecondtestvalue = "HI";
2, Pascal notation--The first letter is capitalized, the next words are capitalized letters start. Such as:
var mytestvalue = 0, Mysecondtestvalue = "HI";
3. Hungarian type notation--Appends a lowercase letter (or lowercase alphabetical sequence) to a variable named after the Pascal notation, indicating the type of the variable. For example, I represents an integer and S represents a string, such as:
var imytestvalue = 0, Smysecondtestvalue = "HI";
The common prefixes are listed below:
Type Prefix Example
Array A Avalue
Boolean type B Bfound
Floating-point type F Fvalue
Function Fn Fnmethod
Integral type I Ivalue
Object O Otype
Regular expressions Re Repattern
String S Svalue
Variable V Vvalue
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