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the common internal sorting algorithms are: Insert Sort, hill sort, select sort, bubble sort, merge sort, quick sort, heap sort, cardinality sort and so on. Summarize with a picture:

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Select sort

Select Sort is a simple and intuitive sorting algorithm, which is the time complexity of O (N2) Regardless of what data goes in. So when it's used, the smaller the data, the better. The only advantage might be that you don't take up extra memory space. In layman's terms, who is the youngest of you, standing on the last side of the queue, and then continue to the rest of the unordered array of the smallest of you who will be out of line, stand to the last side of the queue, until the last one, continue to stand to the last side, so that the array has a sequence, from small to large.

1. Algorithm steps
      1. First find the smallest (large) element in the unordered sequence, and place it at the beginning of the sort sequence

      2. Then continue looking for the smallest (large) element from the remaining unsorted elements and place it at the end of the sorted sequence.

      3. Repeat the second step until all the elements are sorted.

2. Dynamic Diagram Demonstration

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3. JavaScript Code implementation

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4. Python Code implementation

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5. Java Implement

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6. Go Code Implementation

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JavaScript, Python,java,go Series algorithm selection sort

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