jquery $.get (), $.ajax () and background servlet interaction methods

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<span id="Label3"></p><p><p>The load () method in jquery usually gets static files from the Web server, and if you need to pass some parameters to a page in the server, you can use either $.get () or $.post () or the underlying $.ajax () method.</p></p><p><p>The $.get (url, data, callback, type) parameters are described below:</p></p><p><p>1.url: the requested Url.</p></p><p><p>2.data: Key/value data sent to the server is appended to the Url.</p></p><p><p>3.callback: the callback function when loading succeeds (called when response returns a status of Success) automatically passes the request result and state to the Method.</p></p><p><p>4. The server returns the format of the Content.</p></p><p><p>Example: Click a button to upload a string from the client to the server and return the new string after processing by the Server.</p></p><p><p>JSP Code:</p></p><pre class="brush:html;toolbar:false"><pre class="brush:html;toolbar:false"><body><input type= "button" id= "send" value= "ajax get"/><div id= "resText" ></div></body></pre></pre><p><p>JavaScript code:</p></p><pre class="brush:js;toolbar:false"><pre class="brush:js;toolbar:false"><script type= "text/javascript" >$ (function () {$ ("#send"). click (function () {var str = "test"; $.get ("ajaxservlet" , {name:str}, function (responsetext, textstatus) {if (textstatus = = "success") $ ("#resText"). text (responsetext); if (tex Tstatus = = "error") Alert ("error");});}); </script></pre></pre><p><p>Create the servlet class Ajaxservlet,doget () function code as Follows:</p></p><pre class="brush:java;toolbar:false"><pre class="brush:java;toolbar:false">protected void doget (httpservletrequest request, httpservletresponse Response) throws servletexception, IOException { String name = Request.getparameter ("name"); response.setcontenttype ("text/html"); PrintWriter writer = Response.getwriter (); writer.println ("helloworld" + name);}</pre></pre><p><p>Servlet configuration:</p></p><pre class="brush:xml;toolbar:false"><pre class="brush:xml;toolbar:false"><servlet> <servlet-name>AjaxServlet</servlet-name> <servlet-class>org. ajaxservlet</servlet-class> </servlet> <servlet-mapping> <servlet-name>ajaxservlet</ Servlet-name> <url-pattern>/AjaxServlet</url-pattern> </servlet-mapping></pre></pre><p><p><br></p></p><p><p>Start the program and click the button to return a new string</p></p><p><p><br></p></p><p><p>The $.ajax () method is the Lowest-level Ajax implementation of jquery, so it can be used instead of the $.get () method.</p></p><p><p>In the example above, the JS code becomes:</p></p><pre class="brush:js;toolbar:false"><pre class="brush:js;toolbar:false">$ (function () {$ ("#send"). Click (function () {var ajaxdata = {name: "xiaoli", psd: "123"};$.ajax ({url: "ajaxservlet", type: "GET", data:ajaxdata,success:function (responsetext, textstatus) {$ ("#resText"). text (responsetext);},error: function () {alert ("error");}});});</pre></pre><p><p><br></p></p><p><p>jquery $.get (), $.ajax () and background servlet interaction methods</p></p></span>
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