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Fullpage.js is a jQuery-based plugin that makes it easy and easy to make full-screen web sites.

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Key Features

    • Support Mouse Scrolling
    • Support for forward and backward and keyboard control
    • Multiple callback functions
    • Support phone, tablet touch events
    • Support CSS3 Animations
    • Support for Window Scaling
    • Auto Adjust when window is scaled
    • You can set scrolling width, background color, scrolling speed, looping options, callbacks, text alignment, and more


Fullpage.js supports ie8+ and other modern browsers.

How to use

1. Introduction of documents

<link rel= "stylesheet" href= "Css/jquery.fullpage.css" ><script src= "Js/jquery.min.js" ></script> <script src= "Js/jquery-ui.min.js" ></script><script src= "Js/jquery.fullpage.js" ></script>


<div id= "Fullpage" > <div class= "section" > First screen </div> <div class= "section" > Second screen </div> & Lt;div class= "section" > <div class= "Slide" > First screen of the third screen </div> <div class= "Slide" > second screen of the third screen < /div> <div class= "Slide" > Third screen of the third screen </div> <div class= "Slide" > Fourth screen of the third screen </div> </d iv> <div class= "section" > Fourth screen </div></div>

3. JavaScript

$ (function () {$ (' #fullpage '). Fullpage ({' verticalcentered ': false, ' CSS3 ': true, ' Sectionscolor ': [' #254875 ', ' #00FF00 ', ' #254587 ', ' #695684 '], anchors: [' Page1 ', ' page2 ', ' page3 ', ' page4 '], ' navigation ': t    Rue, ' navigationposition ': ' Right ', ' navigationtooltips ': [' fullpage.js ', ' powerful ', ' amazing ', ' simple '] })})

After testing, it is advisable to have at least anchors this parameter, otherwise in Firefox, the first scroll will roll directly to the bottom of the page.

Click here to see an example of the above code: http://www.uedsc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/fullpage-demo/


1. Options

Options type Default Value Description
Verticalcentered String True Whether the content is centered vertically
Resize Boolean value False Whether the font is scaled as the window zooms
Slidescolor Function No Set Background color
Anchors Array No Define Anchor chain Connection
Scrollingspeed Integer 700 Scrolling speed in milliseconds
Easing String Easeinquart Scrolling animation mode
Menu Boolean value False The menu can control scrolling after the set of related properties corresponds to the value of the anchors.
Navigation Boolean value False Whether to show project navigation
Navigationposition String Right Location of the project Navigator, optional left or right
Navigationcolor String #000 Color of Project Navigation
Navigationtooltips Array Empty Tip for Project Navigation
Slidesnavigation Boolean value False Whether to display item navigation for left and right sliders
Slidesnavposition String Bottom Position of the left and right slider item navigation, optional top or bottom
Controlarrowcolor String #fff The background color of the arrows on the left and right sliders
Loopbottom Boolean value False Roll back to top after scrolling to the bottom
Looptop Boolean value False Roll bottom after scroll to top
Loophorizontal Boolean value True Whether the left and right sliders are circular sliding
Autoscrolling Boolean value True Whether to use the plug-in scrolling mode, if you choose False, the browser's own scroll bar will appear
Scrolloverflow Boolean value False Whether the scroll bar is displayed after the content is over full screen
Css3 Boolean value False Whether to use CSS3 transforms scrolling
Paddingtop String 0 The distance from the top
Paddingbottom String 0 Distance to bottom
Fixedelements String No
Normalscrollelements No
Keyboardscrolling Boolean value True Whether to use keyboard arrow keys to navigate
Touchsensitivity Integer 5
Continuousvertical Boolean value False Cyclic scrolling, incompatible with looptop and Loopbottom
Animateanchor Boolean value True
Normalscrollelementtouchthreshold Integer 5

2. Methods

name Description
Movesectionup () Scroll up
Movesectiondown () Scroll down
MoveTo (section, slide) Scroll to
Moveslideright () Slide Scroll Right
Moveslideleft () Slide Scroll Left
Setautoscrolling () Set page scrolling mode, set to True when auto scroll
Setallowscrolling () Add or remove mouse wheel/trackpad controls
Setkeyboardscrolling () Add or remove keyboard direction key controls
Setscrollingspeed () Defines the scrolling speed in milliseconds

3. Callback function

name Description
Afterload Scroll to a screen after the callback function, receive Anchorlink and index two parameters, Anchorlink is the name of the anchor chain, index is the ordinal, starting from 1 to calculate
Onleave The callback function before scrolling receives the index, Nextindex, and direction 3 parameters:
Index is the serial number of the "page" leaving, starting from 1;
Nextindex is the serial number of the "page" that is scrolled to, starting from 1;
direction determines whether to scroll up or down, and the value is up or down.
AfterRender callback function after page structure is generated, or callback function after page initialization is completed
Afterslideload callback function after scrolling to a smooth block of water, similar to Afterload, receiving Anchorlink, index, SlideIndex, direction 4 parameters
Onslideleave A callback function before the rolling of a water smoothing block, similar to Onleave, receiving Anchorlink, index, SlideIndex, direction 4 parameters

jquery Full-screen scrolling plugin fullpage.js demo

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