JS built-in object string object

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JS built-in objects

String object: A String object that provides properties and methods for manipulating a string.

Array object: A property and method for array manipulation.

Date object: A DateTime object that can obtain the system's datetime information.

Boolean object: A Boolean object, a Boolean variable that is a Boolean object. (No properties and methods are available)

Number object: Numeric object. A numeric variable is a numeric object.

Math object: A Mathematical object that provides properties and methods for mathematical operations.

Properties and methods for string objects

Length: Gets the lengths of the strings. Example: var len = strobj.length

toLowerCase (): Turns the letters in the string to lowercase. such as: Strobj.tolowercase ()

toUpperCase (): Converts the letters in a string to uppercase. such as: Strobj.touppercase ()

CharAt (Index)

Function: Returns a character that specifies the position of the subscript. If it is not found, an empty string is returned.

Syntax: Strobj.charat (Index)

Parameter: Index is the specified index number that returns a character based on the index number.

IndexOf ()

Function: Returns the index value of a substring in the original string (the lookup order is looked up from left to right). If not found, returns-1.

Syntax: Strobj.indexof (SUBSTR)

Parameter: substr represents a substring to find.

LastIndexOf ()

Function: Finds a substring in the original string, from right to left . If not found, return-1.

Syntax: Strobj.lastindexof (SUBSTR)

Parameters: Substr represents the substring to find.


Function: Returns a substring in the original string.

Syntax: Strobj.substr (startIndex [, length])

Description: Returns the length of a character from subscript startindex.


startindex indicates the starting index number of the lookup;

Length is optional and returns several characters. If omitted, always returns to the end.


Function: Returns a substring in the original string.

Syntax: strobj.substring (StartIndex [, EndIndex])

Description: Returns all characters from the startindex start index value to the Endindex end index value.


StartIndex: Represents the starting index value.

EndIndex: Optional, which represents the end index value. If omitted, all characters are generally returned to the end.

Tip: If you omit the second argument, the substr () and substring () results are the same.

Note: substring () The returned characters contain startindex the character at the Endindex, not including the character at the same place.


"ABCDEFGH". substring (0,5) = "ABCDE"

"Abcdefgh". substr (0,5) = "ABCDE"

"ABCDEFGH". substring (2,3) = "C"

"Abcdefgh". substr (2,3) = "CDE"

Split () : Converts a string to an array

Function: Cuts a string into several segments. returns an array .

Syntax: Strobj.split (partition number)

Parameter: The argument is a string of a split number. Divides the string into segments with the specified partition number.

Example: "A,b,c,d". Split (",") = arr["A", "B", "C", "D"]

JS built-in object string object

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