JSON does not support special values in JavaScript undefined and function

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Let me write the two fork tree traversal, unfortunately at that time too much, in the initialization of the binary tree wasted too much time, in fact, simple object access and recursion can solve everything, at the end of the blame oneself prepared not good, then asked some optimization problems, such as avoid repainting reflow what, then purple House God asked me department choice, I chose UC (probably because this department is not hiring, to the failure to bury the foreshadowing)

Of course, the real system will not be like the above code to write dead content, the general user through the background data query, and then based on the background data dynamically create topology nodes, lines, groups, subnets and other elements, and fill the meta-name, line color, alarm content and other attribute information.

From the Connection tab you can see that the camera is detected and is the camera that comes with the notebook. Click on the top of the camera icon, Halcon graphics window will start to display the camera in real time, very convenient.

Natural language processing is an important direction in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence. It studies the theory and method of effective communication between man and computer in natural language. The science of Linguistics, computer Science and mathematics equals Oneness.

In this limited time, I have written a few monsters. At first, a lot of monsters finished writing, they felt very silly. Nothing to the later, slowly feel, like 1.1 points to give this monster life, the sense of accomplishment is full. Then let me tell you step-by-step what is an interesting AI.

Familiar with the previous project also played, unfamiliar is the previous implementation just stay in the "there" stage only. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn to tidy up, for the back of the technology selection to prepare.

And even the same operating system, not only need to follow the development environment one by one to install a bunch of reference modules, and the module version number must be consistent, otherwise there may be different versions and code can not be executed. In addition, there may be a variety of problems, this is a more than fix bugs and people have a headache!

In order to get more pay, or to jump-job, or to the development of a first-tier developed cities. This is probably one of the most common means of improving work. But I think it is prudent to balance the cost of job-hopping and the temptation of salary increases. Job hopping means you have to go through three months of probation, 80% of your salary, meaning you have to adapt to new co-workers and leaders, which means there may be no insurance or provident Fund for the three months, and the cost of changing cities is needless to say.

With the continuous development of the web, a light-weight data format--json, which is popular with many programmers, this article mainly about JSON.

HR is very kind, basic ideas and values no problem can be http://www.cnblogs.com/juwate/

Because HT technology is based on HTML5, most industrial control Web SCADA customers use WebSocket real-time communication, and refer to this article for WebSocket Use: node. js for 3D topology auto-layout

Click on the "Code Generation" tab below and click on the "Insert Code" button to insert the live display code into the Code window.

Note that the acquisition mode here is asynchronous acquisition, in the loop to capture the image meaning is real-time display.

The principle of natural language processing: Formal description-mathematical model algorithmic-programmatic-practical http://www.cnblogs.com/bhwedvc/
Automatic speech synthesis and recognition, machine translation, natural language understanding, dialogue, information retrieval, text classification, Automatic digest and so on.

LOL man-machine mode, have a certain sense of intelligence, but do a bit too extreme. The release of the skills, the sheer scale, I am afraid with the robot hard anus is generally worse than the normal situation, because their control of the release of the skills is probably not human. But their behavior patterns are very simple, for example, they are obviously in the middle of a very big advantage, but once they find you are pushing their towers, they will give up their advantages to defend their own defense tower. For example, if you are a blood skin and he is also a blood skin, his reaction is to run away instead of counting the damage and the frontal side of your anus.

JSON does not support special values in JavaScript undefined and function

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