JSP basic syntax and simple form processing

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JSP syntax:

JSP directive elements

(1) Include: Import other folders

(2) Page:

Language: In what language, only Java

Contenttype:mime type

Import: Importing Java Packages

(3) Taglib: Custom Tag Library

JSP Common standard elements

(1) Jsp:forward: Jump to other pages

(2) Jsp:include: Insert other documents eg:

(3) Jsp:plugin: Insert Applet Small Program

(4) Jsp:param: Parameter Transfer value

JSP built-in objects

(1) Request: Common methods

GetParameter (): Extracts the value of a FORM element

GETREMOTEADDR (): Getting Client IP values

(2) Response:

Sendredirect (): Redirect to another page

setContentType (); Set MIME value

(3) Out: Output to the Web page

(4) Application

SetAttribute (string,object) holds the value of the variable in application;

GetAttribute (String) to get the value saved in Applicaion

RemoveAttribute (String) to delete values saved in application

(5) session

SetAttribute (String,object) Saves the value of the variable in session;

GetAttribute (String) to get values saved in session

RemoveAttribute (String) deletion is saved in the

GetID: Get Session number

JSP simple Form processing

<% @page contenttype= "text/html;charset=gb2312"%>
<% @page language= "java"%>
<form name= "frm" method= "get" action= "ch-show.jsp" >
<table boder=0>
<tr><td> User name: </td><td><input type=text name= "Tname" ></td></tr>
<tr><td> Password: </td><td><input type=password name= "Tpass" ></td></tr>
<tr><td> Sex:</td>
<td><input type=radio name= "tsex" value= "male" checked> male
<input type=radio name= "Tsex" value= "female" > </td>
<tr><td> Hobby:</td>
<td><input type=checkbox name=tch1 value= "Sports" > Sports
<input type=checkbox name=tch2 value= "Fine Art" > Art
<input type=checkbox Name=tch3 value= "Music" > Music </td>
<tr><td> Major: </td><td><select name=ty>
<option value= "Computer" > Computer </option>
<option value= "Literature" > Literature </option>
<option value= "Mathematics" > Mathematics </option>
<tr><td> message: </td><td><textarea name=tl rows=5 cols=20></textarea></td> </tr>
<tr><td><input type=submit value= "User Information" ></td></tr>
String tname=request.getparameter ("Tname");
String tpass=request.getparameter ("Tpass");
String tsex=request.getparameter ("Tsex");
String tlove1=request.getparameter ("Tch1");
String tlove2=request.getparameter ("Tch2");
String tlove3=request.getparameter ("Tch3");
String ty=request.getparameter ("Ty");
String tl=request.getparameter ("Tl");
Byte b1[]=tsex.getbytes ("Iso-8859-1");
Tsex=new String (B1);
if (tlove1==null)
Tlove1= "";
Byte b2[]=tlove1.getbytes ("Iso-8859-1");
Tlove1=new String (B2);
if (ty==null)
Ty= "";
Byte b5[]=ty.getbytes ("Iso-8859-1");
Ty=new String (B5);
if (tlove2==null)
Tlove2= "";
Byte b3[]=tlove2.getbytes ("Iso-8859-1");
Tlove2=new String (B3);
if (tlove3==null)
Tlove3= "";
Byte b4[]=tlove3.getbytes ("Iso-8859-1");
Tlove3=new String (B4);
Out.print ("Your message is:" + "<br>");
Out.print ("User name" +tname+ "<br>");
Out.print ("Password" +tname+ "<br>");
Out.print ("Gender" +tsex+ "<br>");
Out.print ("Hobby" +tlove1+tlove2+tlove3+ "<br>");
Out.print ("Professional" +ty+ "<br>");
Out.print ("message" +tl+ "<br>");

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