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Tags definition resource
JS JSP pages are used to define a tag library and prefix using taglib directive from the definition tag.

   its syntax:

<%@ taglib uri= "uritotaglibrary" prefix= "TagPrefix"%


<%@ taglib uri= "http://www.jspcentral.com/tags" prefix= "public"%>


The <%@ taglib%> Directive (Directive) allows you to use custom labels, name the tag libraries, and specify their prefixes.

The term custom tag does not just refer to the label, but also to the element. Because JSP files can be translated into XML, it is important to understand the relationship between tags and elements. The label is just a flag (markup) and is part of the JSP element. A JSP element is a JSP syntax unit that is equivalent in XML to a start tag and an end tag. An element can contain other text, labels, or elements. For example, a jsp:plugin element always ends with the <jsp:plugin> label beginning and one </jsp:plugin>, and can also contain a <jsp:params> element and a <jsp:fallback> element.

Before you use a custom label in a JSP file, you must use a <%@ taglib%> indication. You can use multiple <%@ taglib%> instructions in a JSP file, but each prefix defined above must be unique.

   attribute Detailed:

Uri = "Uritotaglibrary"
Uniform Resource definition (uri--the uniform Resource Identifier)
A URI can be in the following form:
A Uniform resource location defined by RFC2396 (url--the uniform Resource Locator) can be obtained at this site:
A Uniform Resource name (urn--the uniform Resource name) defined by RFC2396.

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