June 1 Use of react

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React use and JSX conversion pre-skill: Chrome Browser A. Take sugar: The use of react

React v0.14 RC released, Major update Project:

Two packages: React and React DOM

DOM node Refs

Stateless functional components

Discard React-tools

Compiler optimizations

eat Sugar:Straight to the point, on the code.
<! DOCTYPE html>
React-0.13.4.js use: Browser console display no problem: if replaced by REACT-0.14.0.J, the console display: The page can be displayed, but there are hints: React.render is discarded. It is recommended to use the Reactdom.render in React-dom.js instead. So, we'll use react-dom.js to get it.
<! DOCTYPE html>
The console is clean.two. Knowledge pointsJsxtransformer.js: His role is to convert the JSX syntax into JavaScript syntax. So that the browser can execute. However, this time-consuming comparison is generally performed on the server side. (How to spend time, what is a concept, I do not know) of course we can not jsx,react is JS. What is JSX: The code in the JavaScript code that writes the XML format is called JSX. So the above code can also be changed to:
<script type= "text/javascript" >  reactdom.render (react.createelement (     "H1",     null,     "Hello world!"    ), document.getElementById ("example"), function () {    console.log ("ok!");}); </script>
Remember to change text/jsx into Text/javascript. So many people say that the essence of jsx is a grammatical sugar.three. Remove sugar: How to convert jsx into JS code. >1. We can passBabelConvert the tool into JS code. >2. Installing the React-tools conversion Tool NPM Install-g React-tools run: Build the build file, if you do not know how to use the tool: the first line of Jsx-h is to use the format: USAGE:JSX [Options] <source directory> <output directory> [<module id> [<module id> ...]

June 1 Use of react

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