Kick off the dark screen of publishing bad IT books -- thought of by Tsinghua University Press's introduction to C language (1)

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At that time, I casually said a few words (not a good word), but did not expect to finally get a copy.

The edited and written "My first C ++ book" is first stabbed in the CU. But in the blog Park, you will see a group of dummies scrambling to give books. (See)

Method 2), I feel that this is a poor book.


", Google or Baidu, you will find that all of their books are published, and all of them dare to go out.

Tsinghua University Press does not have any decent technical C language book.

I am exposing tan haoqiang's "C program design", which has a lot of errors and mistakes. I just want to get the effect of making them face on their own. What's more, I don't owe them anything, and I have no obligation to paint anything for them.

It has exposed naked personal attacks and threats to me. (See)


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