Kubernetes Master Deployment Scheduler and HA Deployment (5)

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The role of Kubernetes Scheduler is to bind controller manager to a new pod according to a specific scheduling algorithm and scheduling policy to a suitable node in the cluster, and to write the binding information to the ETCD.

I. Deployment OF Scheduler

The following generates the Kube-scheduler Kubeconfig file, as follows:

cd/etc/kubernetesexport kube_apiserver=""

Configure cluster

Kubectl config set---certificate-authority=/etc/kubernetes/ssl/--embed-certs=true  --server=--kubeconfig=scheduler.conf

Configure credentials

Kubectl config set-credentials system:kube---client-certificate=/etc/kubernetes/ssl/-- Embed-certs=true--client-key=/etc/kubernetes/ssl/scheduler---kubeconfig= Scheduler.conf

Configure context

Kubectl config set-context system:kube---cluster=--user=system:kube---kubeconfig= Scheduler.conf

Configure default context

Kubectl config use-context system:[email protected]--kubeconfig=scheduler.conf

Distribute the generated scheduler.conf file to the/etc/kubernetes directory of each Master node, as follows:

SCP scheduler.conf k8s-master02:/etc/kubernetes/                                      SCP scheduler.conf k8s-master03:/etc/ kubernetes/

Create the Kube-scheduler systemd service startup file as follows:

Export kube_apiserver=""Cat>/usr/lib/systemd/system/kube-scheduler.service <<eof[unit]description=kube-Schedulerafter=Network.targetafter=kube-Apiserver.service [Service]environmentfile=-/etc/kubernetes/Schedulerexecstart=/usr/local/bin/kube-Scheduler--logtostderr=true         --v=0         --master=${kube_apiserver}--kubeconfig=/etc/kubernetes/scheduler.conf--leader-elect=trueRestart=on-Failuretype=Simplelimitnofile=65536[Install]wantedby=multi-user.targeteof

Distribute to other hosts:

SCP /usr/lib/systemd/system/kube-scheduler.service k8s-master02:/usr/lib/systemd/system/                                          SCP /usr/lib/systemd/system/kube-scheduler.service k8s-master03:/usr/lib/systemd/system/

Start the service on each node:

Systemctl daemon-reloadsystemctl enable Kube-schedulersystemctl start kube-Schedulersystemctl Status Kube-scheduler

The Kube-schedule deployment on three Master nodes is completed by electing a leader job.

Review the status of each core component of the Kubernetes Master cluster as follows:

[[Email protected]Master01 kubernetes]# kubectl get csname STATUS MESSAGE Erroretcd-1Healthy {" Health":"true"} Scheduler Healthy OK Controller - manager Healthy OK etcd-0Healthy {" Health":"true"} ETCD-2Healthy {" Health":"true"}

Kubernetes Master Deployment Scheduler and HA Deployment (5)

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