Lao Li case sharing: WebLogic performance optimization case

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Lao Li case sharing: WebLogic performance optimization case

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Website application Home size around 130K, in the previous test process, its hundred users of the average response capacity of 6.5 seconds, performance optimization after two seconds, the results in 5 seconds:

First, operating system:

Machine name CPU memory Software Environment (operating system/application software) notes
Application Server 3.07ghz*2 8GB Linux 1 Application Server (virtual machine)
Testing machine 2.50GHz 4GB WIN7 1 sets of testing machine

Second, Application server

WebLogic Version: 9.2.3, product mode

Pre-optimal configuration parameters:

Mem_args= ""
Optimized configuration parameters:

Mem_args= "-xms1536m-xmx1536m-xmn384m-xss256k-dweblogic.threadpool.minpoolsize=60- "

Home>summary of server>server>configuration>tuning> Accept Backlog modified to 100, original default value 50

Modify the number of OpenFile connections for the application server where the application server is located, use the command ulimit-n to view, 1024 before modification, and 10240 for the modification

The changes are as follows:

In the/etc/security/limits.conf file, add:

*-Nofile 102400
*-Noproc 102400

Effective after reboot

Third, the application

Parameter modification in

Struts.devmode = False, the original is true;

Iv. Application Architecture Description:

Schema: Spring + ibatis + struts2

All static pages, JavaScript, CSS use Ehcache for Web caching, and use gzip to compress files;

Note: The home page size is 130Kb, the database information is not read, but the background verifies whether there is user information in the session to determine the user's login status.

V. Test results

Concurrent number response time success transaction per second transaction failed transaction run time remarks
100 6.5 5293 8.1 72 10 min before optimization
100 5 12881 20 5 10 min after optimization

Lao Li case sharing: WebLogic performance optimization case

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