Laravel vs CakePHP vs CodeIgniter views (performance, development efficiency, debt capacity

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CakePHP did not use it for comment.

A PHP Programmer's growth process can often be likened to CI-----Laravel ci. CI and laravel are basically considered to be the most used frameworks of PHP framework hegemony in the past years and now two times. CI is perfect for novice and master, and Laravel is suitable for mid-level programmers to improve productivity.


CI provides a few things, is precisely its invincible the most important reason.

In addition, CI documentation is simply an example of open source software, very clear and detailed!

It can give us the core of the function, let us really feel the essence of PHP to do the web, to experience the true charm of MVC. BTW, do not underestimate MVC, it as a modern GUI software development of the most popular structure, not in the use of MVC time to see the two-eye description can understand, we need to do, to feel.

Laravel claims to completely imitate rails and has to admit that they did, including performance. ^_^ Laravel In fact is in line with the development characteristics of Internet products: quickly make available products, and then high-speed iteration.

If you use Laravel, you don't have to worry about performance issues, because performance is not a problem when it comes to performance issues. Have the user have the time, want how to reconstruct how to reconstruct, the complete ~

Laravel vs CakePHP vs CodeIgniter views (performance, development efficiency, debt capacity

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