LCOV How to filter coverage information for system functions such as iostream

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Recently in doing Cppunit test related work, with Gcov and Lcov tools to see the coverage of each line of code, the personal feel lcov awesome, looks very comfortable, point up is also very cool! ~~

Chatting to this point, as the title:

I'm using Lcov's--remove command.

remove/filter out remaining unwanted stuff from tracefile

Now we can remove the (remaining) stuff that we aren ' t interested in from the tracefile.

Lcov--remove/tmp/ '/usr/include/* '/usr/lib/* '/usr/local/src/libreoffice/*/ unpackedtarball/* '/usr/local/src/libreoffice/workdir/* '/usr/local/src/libreoffice/instdir/* '/usr/local/src/ libreoffice/external/* '-o/tmp/

/usr/include/* and/usr/lib/* These two paths plus can filter out those system functions of the coverage information (iostream, etc.), if you want to filter other paths, then add it yourself! ~~

PS: The manual said--extract command seems to be possible, but I did not try.

- e tracefile pattern       --extract tracefile pattern              tracefile.              Use this switch if you want to extract coverages data for only  a              particular  set  of  files from  a Tracefile. Additional command line              parameters is interpreted as Shell  wildcard  Patterns              (note  that  they may need to being  escaped accordingly to prevent the              shell from expanding  them first  ).   Every  file  entry  in              tracefile  which  matches at least one of those patterns would be              extracted.

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Lcov manual:

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