Learn HTML5 a week's Harvest 2

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     Hyperlink A1, Herf: The network address of the hyperlink, the relative path of the writable local file, or the relative path of the local HTML file, in the form of the IMG SRC path 2, target: Sets the location of the Hyperlink open window, _ Slef own web page open (default) _blank new page Open 3, title: mouse refers to the popup "Functional link" mailto://[email protected]tencent://massage/?uin=2831705549 " Anchor link "1, this page anchor link set an anchor point: <a name=" Top "></a> with the Name property to indicate the anchor name in the href attribute of the hyperlink, use #name to jump to the specified anchor position <a href=" #top " > Jump to Anchor Point </a>2, other page anchor link to jump page set anchor links in the href attribute of the hyperlink. File name. Html#name<a href= "Aaaa.html#top" > Note: Due to Google/ie compatibility issues, you need to insert a space in the anchor point &nbsp; to take effect the signature and attribute names to lowercase for example: <a href= " tencent://massage/?uin=1838660364 "title=" mouse finger pops up "target=" _self "> Links </a><a name=" Img/.png ">& Nbsp;</a><a href= "#img/.png" ><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> Jump </a >   Table Table Table <table> table rows <tr></tr> columns of tables <td></td> header Columns <th></th></table> Common properties of table Border: Border properties of a table, when you use border= to set a border, will be nested on all TD and Table, when the border is enlarged, only the outer layer of the table is bold cellspacing: the gap between the cells, when the value is 0 o'clock, the gap between the cells is 0, a single border line or two bar. "Merge Border" style= "Border-collapse:collapse" after using merge, you do not need to set cellspacing.  cellpadding: Cell inner border, distance between text and border Widthheightalign: Table alignment Sets the alignment of the table in the parent container left center right[note] When the table uses the Align property, The equivalent of making the table float may cause the elements behind the table to get affected. Bgcolor: Background color background: Background image when the background and back colors are in effect, the background map overrides the background color bordercolor: Border Color <!--<tr><td> Label properties width, Height: To a single row, column set bgcolor: background color align: sets the horizontal alignment of the text in the cell valign: Text vertical alignment top/center/bottomnowrap:nowrap= "nowrap" Set the cell text line at the end of the line--><!--[table's cross-row and cross-column] 1, cross-column: colspan, the cell spans n columns, then delete the following N-1 column 2, cross-row: rowspan, the cell spans n rows, then delete the subsequent N-1 line--for example   </table><table border= "5" width= "height=" "bordercolor=" "Red" style= "Border-collapse:collapse" &GT;&LT;TR&GT;&LT;TD rowspan= "6" width= "height=" "></td><td rowspan= "2"></td><td></td></tr><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td Rowspan= "2" ></td><td></td></tr><td rowspan= "3" ></td><td></td &GT;&LT;TR&GT;&LT;TD rowspan= "2" ></td><td></td></tr><tr><td></td> </tr></table>

Learn HTML5 a week's Harvest 2

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