Learn system release step by step, and learn release step by step

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Learn system release step by step, and learn release step by step

After finishing the release system with instructor Niu Yu, all the endings have been written. It was a first snow, and Midea made me forget that I still owe her a beautiful turn-release, but what about xiaobian, today, we will not take Niu Yu's news publishing system as an example. We will take the examination system as an example to share with our friends the details of the system release. Recently, xiaobian took over a very tall task and maintained the examination system. In my friend's words, I spoke about it: it was not a human suffering from the examination system. The maintenance work is extremely patient. Reading the code written by others from start to end, copying others' ideas, and doing their own maintenance ...... is it true that every maintenance task has the impulse to beat the coder? "What are you writing? I 'd like to say that the comments code is 2:1!"

To tell the truth, it is more true than Pearl. This is also true for small editors. Small editors are mainly responsible for exam management. Exam management is divided into four modules:
A. Set the question sequence of the exam;
B. automatically add the exam;
C. manually add the exam;
D. query the examination papers;

After some Q & A questions from the previous teacher, brother, and sister, combined with the documents issued by the team leader, I had a clear understanding of the content of this section. But what is the logic of the code, I don't understand. For example, the data center charging system needs to implement the login function. The simple logic here is: first, determine whether the user does not exist, then, determine whether the user name and password are consistent. Third, log out and insert a piece of information in the worksheet. This logic is very clear. However, when we get to the examination system, we don't know how the specific logic of each function goes, but we cannot get a line. At present, I am still responsible for this, there are still problems, the exam cannot be imported, really small make up of IQ feel anxious. Now let's go to the topic today and share with you how to release the examination system with win8.

Step 1: deploy IIS, start -- control panel -- programs and functions -- start or Disable windows functions, and check the marked options in the displayed interface:

Step 2: follow these steps:

Step 3: select the computer icon, right-click, and select "manage" in the shortcut menu. In the Computer Management window, the "IIS manager" appears under the "services and applications" tab to verify that IIS is successfully added.

Step 4: By the end of step 3, we have successfully deployed IIS. Next, we will release the examination system. First, we will regenerate the examination system and right-click solution Resource Manager, select the "publish" option in the shortcut menu to officially release the system. Click web layer and right-click Publish:

Step 5: Set the configuration file in the pop-up release interface. You can change the name to the name of the system you want to publish.

Step 6: In connection settings, click the drop-down box and select the file system.

Step 7: click File System and the following page appears. Here we can create a new folder and set the target location for the examination system to be released.

Step 8: After completing the preceding steps, the following page is displayed.

Step 9: start -- control panel -- management tools (if you cannot find a partner, you can directly search in the search box and find "Internet Information Service (IIS) manager" and double-click it, enter the following interface.

Step 10: Find the VS2013 (depending on the version of vs) under the installed VS folder, right-click to run as an administrator (a partner who cannot find it can search in the search box ).

Step 2

In the pop-up Dos window, enter "aspnet_regiis-I" for registration. Wait a moment until the word "ASP. NET installation is complete" appears, proving that your system has been released successfully. Find the system release URL and enter it in the IE Address Bar for testing.

I thought it was a success. Why is it so capricious for me to enter the URL just published by myself? Why? I asked other friends from the center, Baidu and Google, the problem has finally been solved. Next, let's record the problem with blog posts, hoping to help you:

Step 1: Start-control panel-management tools. The following page is displayed. Click Edit permission;

Step 2: complete the previous step and you will see the following interface. We need to change the permissions of Administrators, as shown in:

Step 3: Click Edit Basic settings on the website. The following page is displayed;

Step 4: Click test connection. We can see the interface shown in. The authorization is successful.

Step 5: Go back to the website editing page and click "connect;

Step 6: After you click Finish, the following page appears, and then click set;

Step 7: Enter the user name and password of your computer;

Step 8: Visit the previous website again and the following page appears. The examination system is published successfully '(* success _ success *)′;

Editor's note: In this beautiful stage of B/S learning, we are essential to package and release programs. Don't let seemingly new things conquer our hearts. In fact, let us calm down, let's take a step by step and compare it. net Personal Edition Release summary, we do not have to find that, in fact, the two are essentially the same, here the B .D layer is the existence of DLL files, other files are the interface thing, in the B/S stage, the U-layer front-end is interpreted and executed in the browser, ensuring the user's workload and ease of deployment and easy operation! BS learning, To be continued ......

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