Learn to write js Calender calendar controls together, jscalender calendar controls

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Learn to write js Calender calendar controls together, jscalender calendar controls

I recently read some functions about js date and suddenly thought of the calendar control. So I tried to write one. As a background programmer, I have a limited level, let's take a look at the example I wrote and learn and make progress together!

First, a common date function:

Date (year, month, day)

Var date = new Date ();

Get year

Var year = this. date. getFullYear ();

Obtain the month. Here is the monthly index, so we need to add 1 more.

Var month = this. date. getMonth () + 1;

Obtain the number of the current day

Var day = this. date. getDate ();

Returns the day of the week. 0. Sunday 1. Monday 2. Tuesday 3. Wednesday 4. Thursday 5. Friday 6. Saturday.

Var week = this. date. getDay ();

Obtain the number 1 of the week in the current month.

 var   getWeekDay=function(year,month,day){      var date=new Date(year,month,day);      return date.getDay();      }   var  weekstart= getWeekDay(this.year, this.month-1, 1)

Obtain the number of days in the current month

var getMonthDays=function(year,month){      var date=new Date(year,month,0);      return date.getDate();    }var  monthdays= this.getMonthDays(this.year,this.month);

Well, we have used so many parameters. The following are some operations and judgments on the day of the week corresponding to the date, and dynamic tag splicing. The example I wrote is directly sent below:


<Html> <meta http-equiv = "content-type" content = "text/html; charset = UTF-8 "> 

The Code was modified again and the View table was changed to div to solve the read-only problem of IE tableinnerHTML. In addition, options is added for configuration.
The code above has a simple description, and the function is the most basic. If more in-depth work can be done, we hope this article will give you some inspiration.

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