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For details about how to learn Linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information, refer to the following section. You are welcome to become a member of the Red Union Linux forum. We hope that you can share your fruits with others. This will benefit Linux enthusiasts.

Please help Linux beginners and unite our power to help Linux.

Now, we will briefly introduce the red link Linux forum. There are currently 21 regions.

Linux Technical Exchange
I have collected many articles on Linux technical skills and enthusiastic discussions. You will learn a lot here. Loverf, Subbo, frog, streaming Yu, sapphire, woodlinux, and Su Xiaoxiao are technically excellent. We wish them a smooth job for some work reasons.

Linux installation and Learning Guide
New friends to heaven, you will successfully install Linux and learn from your experiences. Welcome to help more new people. Linux _ moderators are good.

Linux download and sharing {cool-ware, books, and video sharing}
For excellent Linux tutorials, refer to the tutorial here. Artiomgy, not because you don't want two moderators to be very naughty.

Linux programming and Kernel
You can see from the name what the function of the zone is. The wade9900 moderator has already worked, and his programming is very good, but now he is a very busy man.

Linux Industry voices and news
Understand what has happened in the industry and what new products have been launched. Kerkoo moderators are very interesting.

Linux talent recruitment information
The huge potential of Linux makes you more promising. Let's see which companies are hiring, and publish your job information or your thoughts on Linux.

Release Technical Exchange

Authoritative version with a wide user base. Participated in the Fedora/Redhat discussion. The dsk and gxf versions of milk tea have good technologies and are very helpful for you to learn and discuss with you. Friends in the Fedora/Redhat area are very enthusiastic. Thank you for your contributions.

Ubuntu: http://www.linuxdiyf.com/bbs/forum-49-1.html
All the students on campus are running around with Ubuntu CDs. The beyondfly moderator is your friend and will study with you.

Red-Flag Linux
I am very willing to recommend that you use this version for beginners. The ljtbbs moderator is very helpful and will discuss it with you. He often gives his/her sincere suggestions.

The European style, the gorgeous representative, the domain moderator will learn with you.

Debian GNU/Linux
It is recommended that you have a basic friend to use this version. The Cromise moderator will be happy to help you.

Other Linux releases
There are many Linux versions. If there are hundreds of Release versions, let's install them in this zone. The Database moderator hopes to discuss the version with you.

Server application: http://www.linuxdiyf.com/bbs/forum-7-1.html
Linux has powerful functions such as setting up servers. The red link uses the Linux system as the server. Lan Feng, the two moderators of meteor are college students. Now I guess they are working.

Database Application
Check the zone with the name. The red link uses the MySQL database. Chentong is busy. We wish him a smooth job.

UniX technical articles
UniX and Linux are often mentioned by freedom lovers. The two moderators of love601 and bear10214 gave many sincere suggestions to Honglian, and bear10214 was very enthusiastic.

Download Linux software
Sometimes we can know that the software in Linux is very rich.

English Linux
It sounds like a release version. Actually, it's not. What is it? You can see it. JustForLOVE, the two moderators of linuxguy are college students who have invested a lot of enthusiasm.

Linux Book recommendation (non-ebook)
See the name. If not, the moderator looks naughty.

My story with Linux (for myself)
We encourage you to share your Linux experience with us. [Hl. y] The Moderator is optimistic and leaves a good memory.

Relax. You may be able to relax here. Csformat, HR, jianpdl, you Xia Xuan, and hengshanxi moderator are hospitable. Csformat is a role model for us to fulfill our duty and silence. HR may not often work, but he is a contributor to the red Union LOGO. Jianpdl, you Xia Xuan, and hengshanxi moderators are busy. We wish them a smooth job.

Forum Management
The powerful center of Honglian, hoping to hear your words.

New users of the latest forum: Forum version Area Overview

Forum help

Search by Forum
Advanced functions are available on the right of the search box. You can click it to select a search range.

Forum version Area Overview

Beginner's Field
Linux installation, learning methods, and questions for beginners

System Application Communication
System configuration and management, technical skills exchange

Download book resources
Books on Linux

Open-source news and comments
Linux, open-source news, comments

Talent Exchange and recruitment
Explore career and apply for employment

Programming and Kernel
Program and kernel research, embedded, etc.

Software Download
Free software and software updates in Linux

My story with Linux
Share your experiences and comments on the stories of netizens

Video sharing
Linux-related video demonstration

Linux releases



Red-Flag Linux



China-made system-won the bid

More Linux releases

Server Applications
About servers

Database Application
Discussion on databases such as MySQL and Oracle

Unix Technical Exchange
Unix-related discussions

Network Security

Command Area
The powerful functions of Linux are discussed.

Dragon core computer
China Core

Excellent documentation
Good learning documents and technical skills

English Linux
English Zone

Book recommendation (non-ebook)
Good Linux books are recommended.

LinuxWorld China
Linux event

Game Players
Game recommendations

Mobile phone/Computer
Linux mobile phone, computer

Download Linux OS
Provides the latest Linux version

IT industry
IT personnel cannot help but learn industry information

Local people (dating)
There are Linux people in your place, making Linux people around the world

University Campus
Linux alumni

Female gangs
The territory of Linux female friends

Irrigation chat
Relax, chat and make friends, and share happiness with each other

Meitu sharing
Refresh your eye

Penguin stickers
Linux images and desktop presentations

Interesting news
Fun, strange things, happy every day

Complaints or suggestions for Linux
Maintain a common camp, make suggestions, and share prosperity with development

Forum Management
Post your comments and suggestions
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